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Moto X 16GB Price in India

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Moto X 16GB Specifications

Binding Electronics
Productgroup Wireless
Height 2.55905 Inches
Length 5.07873 Inches
Width 0.3937 Inches
Weight 0.2866009406 Pounds
Ean 5056200531962

Don't be fooled by Dual core processor complaints of others, Here's what you need to know.

By Rishabh Guptaon
The moto X was not designed like others. It was all about a decent phone with excellent performance over countless meaningless sub standard features. Coming to the processor. Yes it has a Dual core processor but that's not where the story ends. 1 It has a 2 core Snapdragon S4 CPU for general usage of the phone 2 It has a 4 core Adreno 320 GPU for performance gaming etc 3 It has 1 core For dedicated contextual computing and gesture recognition making it more fluid 4 It has 1 core especially for natural language processing making it more likely to understand any form of speech input That's a total of 8 cores all managed by Motorola X8 computing system. A dedicated core for each of the specific function means an enhanced battery life and optimization of usage. So in reality it's Octa-Core but since you don't need all of them running together at all times their functions have been segregated. Another complaint made by people is about Active display. Yes you can grab an app for that but here's what you should know. Moto X uses AMOLED display which unlike IPS display does not use the entire screen while using active display. So if you use active display on IPS LCD it will drain your battery. On Moto X it only uses the part that's enough for showing notifications and thus you won't be running to charge it every few hours. In my opinion Motorola is giving a phone that boasts of performance and near Vanilla Android experience instead of adding stuff that doesn't matter. Also 720p was deliberate to further enhance performance and improve battery life and you'll hardly notice any difference

Moto X vs Moto G : Perfect Mid-Ranger at decent price?

By Jasmeet Singhon
This review is to explain the performance comparison between Moto X and Moto G and Return on Investment if you buy them. I am an owner of Sony Xperia SP which has same processor as Moto X : Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (1.7 GHz Dual Core Krait with Adreno 320 GPU). The fact is that this processor is very fast. If you go by benchmarks my Xperia SP scores around 8200 in Quadrant and 21000 in Antutu which will be almost same in Moto X too if not better. Moto X has more RAM (2 GB) than Xperia SP which has 1 GB, so definitely it will perform better. But if you want to compare it's performance with Moto G, the Quad Cortex A7 CPU in Moto G from Qualcomm will give almost same CPU performance (little bit less) which means each Cortex A7 is half as powerful as a Krait at 1.7GHz. But if you compare GPU with Moto G which has Adreno 305, Moto X will have a decent win with Adreno 320. So if performance in games is not a big factor, then Moto G isn't a bad option, given that it costs 10k less. If you are going to use Whatsapp, normal games, calling, definitely Moto G is the best option out there. Next comes screen. Both have 720p screens. 4.5 inch in Moto G and 4.7 inch in Moto X. Moto X's screen will be little better definitely. The size doesn't makes a big difference. Both are decent sized. My Xperia SP is 4.6 inch 720p and it is very comfortable to hold and very sharp. (~320 ppi, as good as iPhone 5s). The main differentiating point would be a camera and some voice awake features. The Camera on Moto X will be definitely better than Moto G, but is it worth the extra 10k?, you decide. I don't think so. You can buy a decent point-and-shoot in that price. I really like the wooden texture Moto X devices, but they increase the price by another 2k, it is a personal choice if you want to go for it. So if you are a complete geek user and performance matters a lot to you, be aware Moto X is not the best performing device out there. Then you should better look at Nexus 5, Xperia Z1, etc which are actually top-of the line. If you are a mid-range user who will use normal apps, normal games, then deciding between Moto G and Moto X can be a big problem for you. Moto X will definitely give you a better feeling as owner, but it comes wit a price (10k more than Moto G). To help you out, think this way: If you think better Camera and some extra features like Voice Awake, Active Display and a little more snappier CPU performance are not worth the extra 10k than Moto G's price, then definitely go with Moto G. It will save you a lot of money and give decent performance. If you want a decent Camera phone, much better GPU performance and the high end status associated with Moto X, go with Moto X by paying the money. Some other features: Moto G is dual SIM, Moto X is single sim. It shouldn't matter much. I hope it helps.

Choose you Moto X colors wisely.

By Deepak GRon
By now you'd already know about the hardware and software. This is the best phone for user experience on android. The problem is you have to own it to feel it. I will just give heads up while choosing colors of the back cover. It has more to it than just colors. The dark colors like Black and Royal Blue back cover has an soft rubbery feel, so has better grip and won't slip easily. While the rest of the colors have smooth feel back cover which are slippery. This was intentional since the soft touch back cover attracts dust and dirt and are not suitable for light color as it will get dirty after a while. I didn't go for the wood version only for design reasons. All the regular versions back cover are of single piece plastic and blends well with the front, while the wood version are made of 2 pieces, first is the plastic frame and then second the wood itself. So, when you hold it you will feel that gap in between the wood and plastic frame. Also was not sure about the durability. None of these would matter if you get a case, the question is do you want to?. I don't like to have a case so I went for the black version. This is the kind of phone which makes you feel good after using it rather than before using it like the spec heavy phones. And it is priced perfectly too. Good job there by flipkart since they import the phones and decide on the prices. This is the best phone in this range, or even the best phone at < 40k range. If its within your budget, "Buy it and say Hello to Moto".

Best Smartphone !

By Elison Nivenon
This phone has features that no other phone has. 1) Active display This feature is so addictive that I am not buying any other phone that does not have active display. It is this significant. Just lift the phone, or take it out of your pocket and the screen shows all the information you need in a battery efficient way without you having to press the power button. 2) Touchless control Give commands to your phone without turning the screen on. While going to bed, and my phone is lying somewhere else in the room, I just say "OK Google now, wake me up at 7 AM" and that's it. No need to touch the phone. Also just say "Ok Google now, what's up" and the phone will say the time and read your notifications :) Note : This feature requires Internet connectivity. 3) Flick wrist to launch Camera This is not a gimmick and works everytime. Need I say more. You can say this can be achieved by other apps but the key here is achieving this without sacrificing battery life. 4) Motorola Spotlight stories Moto has teamed up with Pixar animation studios and produced wonderful animated stories. Nothing to add to the features of the phone but it is something that will make you smile, and everyone else will just look in awe and surprise. This phone has Android 4.4.2 and timely updates. This phone received Android 4.4 even before the Nexus 4. And to everyone comparing the hardware with the Nexus 5, just use the phone once. The phone has zero lag and the size is perfect too. The 720p screen is just enough at 4.7" screens. The key here is that Motorola made a custom 8 core hardware for this phone. 2 core application processor, 4 core GPU, 1 core natural language processing and 1 core for contextual computing. The battery life is exactly as advertised and I am happily using it since last 3 months. (Got mine from the US, I have the 32 GB version.) Cons : The sound output from the speaker is not very loud. But again, it is not very low too. Also No FM Radio, if you care about that. EDIT: I saw a few reviews where the reviewer is giving 1 star and complaining that it is overpriced. That is really a lame thing to do. The cost of the phone is 400 USD for 16 GB version in the US. That is 24460 INR according to the exchange rate today (19th March 2014). How is this phone overpriced? This is the first time a phone is sold at a price EVEN BELOW than the original price in the USA. Compare the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 prices in India and in the USA. Also few reviewers complain about the "1.7 GHz dual core processor". On paper better specs do not make a better phone. Use the phone once and you will know.

Better than iPhone. Best user experience. period

By A Agarwalon
I HAVE USED THIS PHONE for two months. This phone is about balance. Doing away with gimmicks that you don't need. and using the available resources to the optimum to provide you the experience that matters to you. There are always compromises you have to make with price, size, features, performance, battery life. This one strikes the right balance in most cases. Pros: - solid premium build not plasticky like samsung or other phones. optimum size - nice display active notifications, touchless controls, moto assist(especially drive mode) - fast performance / bare bones android, - Battery life (24 hours), - really nice soft touch back plate and colors, - fast kitkat updates, - awarded most innovative phone of 2013 Cons: - No SD card slot / 32 GB variant (but most users dont require that kind of memory) - Camera is good but not the best Things to keep in mind: - mid range specs don't matter. the software is optimized. do you ask about specs while buying an iPhone? they actually save battery life - 720p screen - Human eye cannot detect the difference. it saves battery. Features in detail--- Battery Life I am not a heavy user. But definitely use it for more than a couple of hours of web, one hour of whats app, and an hour maybe of calls. but still lasts me more than 24 hours. Body / Built: I have a Navy blue model. the back is just nice and soft to touch. its just unlike anything else. It has almost a ceramic like touch. The size of this phone is the sweet spot manufacturers have been trying to hit since the beginning. The curved body fits in your hand like no other phone. Its thicker but feels very slim because of the curve. And you can still use it with one hand. The feel is of one really solid and dense well built phone. And look out for that dimple on the back. In comparison Samsung feels cheap and plasticky. Software Features: 1) Active display : you pick up the phone or move it, and it shows you the notifications in a very energy efficient manner. notifications pulse through the screen. I have gotten so used to it, that I stare at the lifeless screens of other phones waiting for them to come to life, only to realize that they can't do it. It really useful and a week later you will think why don't other phones have it. Well thats because they are not that innovative. 2) Moto Assist : One day I was driving back from work and suddenly my phone spoke up. " you have have received a new message would you like me to read it" I said yes and it read me the message. Also it asked me if I wanted to reply back. I said yes and it replied back to the person. And all without ever touching it or taking my eyes off the road. It also asks you the same for calls. Also it starts playing songs form your phone once you start driving. And of course it detects whether you are driving on its own. 3) Touchless Control : What siri should have been in the first place. I misplaced my phone in the room once. I yelled "ok Google now, Find my phone" the phone started beeping and I found it below the couch. It really is marvelous. it works. You can even play songs while driving using this feature. Or ask about the weather. or send a text message. Or just ask What's up and it will tell you all your notifications. 4) Moto migrate It helps you migrate from your old android. it really is simple. and easy way to migrate everything including your songs to your new phone. Hardware: The 1.7 dual core processor is just the main processor. there are 3 other processors here. 1. Contextual processor : it keeps track of your phone's movements. 2. Language processor : it keeps listening to you always. ALWAYS. 3. The GPU : processes graphics This is done so that the main processor can focus on its job and these functions can be performed while using minimum battery. This is a highly innovative design which no other manufacturer has. Screen: really good battery saving screen. colors are very vivid yet accurate. Overall Moto X is really worth the price. don't get misguided by specs. This phone has to be experienced to know its true nature. I have seen many iPhone fans convert after seeing this.
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