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WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB Wired HDD External Hard Drive Price in India

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WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB Wired HDD External Hard Drive price in India from stores in India from ₹3,899.00 - ₹4,749.00

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WD My Passport 1 TB USB 3.0 WDBYNN0010BBK-WESN Black

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WD My Passport 1 TB USB 3.0 WDBYNN0010BBL-WESN Blue

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WD My Passport 1 TB USB 3.0 WDBYNN0010BRD-WESN Red

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WD My Passport 1 TB USB 3.0 WDBYNN0010BWT-WESN White

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WD 1TB Yellow My Passport Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBYNN0010BYL-WESN

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WD 1TB Orange My Passport Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBYNN0010BOR-WESN

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WD My Passport Ultra WDBGPU0010BBL 1 TB External Hard Drive (Noble Blue)

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WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB External Hard Disk (Wild Berry)

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WD My Passport Ultra WDBGPU0010BBL 1 TB External Hard Drive (Noble Blue)

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WD My Passport Ultra WDBGPU0010BBK 1TB External Hard Drive (Black)

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WD My Passport Ultra Premium 1 TB Hard Disk (White)

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WD My Passport Ultra WDBGPU0010BBY 1 TB External Hard Drive (Wild Berry)

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WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB Wired HDD External Hard Drive Specifications

Transfer Speed USB 3.0 up to 5 Gb/s (max); USB 2.0 up to 480 Mb/s (max)
Operating Temperature 41 to 95°F / 5 to 35°C
Part Number WDBGPU0010BBK
Encryption 256-bit AES
Dimension 1.5 cm x 8.1 cm x 11 cm
In Sales Package Main Unit, User Manual
Weight 159 gm
Brand WD
System Requirements - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista - Requires reformatting for Mac OS X operating systems
Return Policy 7 Days Replacement Policy - Replacement is accepted by the seller within 7 days of delivery, only if there is physical damage. In case of defective product, kindly provide job-sheet/DOA certificate by an authorized service center for product replacement. In case of wrong, missing or undelivered product, please highlight the issue within the 2 days of delivery. Cancellation allowed.
Non-operating Temperature 4 to 149°F / -20 to 65°C
Capacity 1 TB
Color Black
Type Portable
Connectivity USB 2.0
Supc SDL810501708
Interface : USB 3.0
Warranty Available : Manufacturer Warranty
Duration : 3 Years
Capacity_filter 501 GB - 1 TB
Cet_status Super Enhancement
Model_name My Passport Ultra
Type_filter HDD
Form_factor 2.5
Color_filter Blue
Model Id : ultra passport
External Power No
Unique Thing 1 TB Storage Capacity
Performance Features Ultra-fast transfer rates
Installation & Demo User Manual
Form Factor External
Wired|wireless Wired
Cloud Backup Yes
Case Material Plastic
Width 80.2 mm
Height 10.6 mm
Depth 110 mm
Cable Length 8.12 cm
Binding Accessory
Productgroup Personal Computer
Ean 0718037825014
Upc 738878219353
Size 1TB

product without black carry case

i got my wd without the black carry case that everyone gets with this product check the unboxing of the wd on youtube and other reviews,,,there is infact a compartment above the usb compartment meant for this black carry case ..but when i recvd my product it was the scary thing is that there is a seal and everthing on ...but a part of the product is missing..meaning just one thing ...this product has been tampered with or is a returned product by some user and repacked and sent to users who might not know the tru contents of this item ...very let down by ws retail and flipkart ...this is not what one comes to expect of them...

No pouch/carrycover included

By Vikas Kumaron
I bought this product after checking on a number of sites & found that flipkart is only website which is offering this product below 4000. Hence i ordered this product on 1st Jun. I received the product on 4th June & after opening the box i found only 2 things Harddisk & wire inspite of being an empty space provided in box for cover. I checked on youtube for "WD my passport ultra unboxing" but in every video they were showing 3 things in the box 1. HDD 2. USB Cable 3. Carry cover/pouch I instantly called flipkart customer care & they said that no couch is being provided with this product. I read previous reviews on flipkart & found this case has already happened with customers. Is flipkart offering fake products or making fool of Unaware customers ? When i told them about youtube, WD website also.They became ready to give me money for buying extra pouch. But i was not sure whether the product is genuine or not ..whether it has been opened before or not... Hence asked to return the product.But to my surprise, product was not been picked even after 4 days. I called Flipkart care again & then, product was returned. Hopefully, i will get my money back within 4-5 more days. But i did not get good response from Flipkart this time as i was getting earlier. Regards, An Aware Customer

Good Hard Drive but nothing to offer anything in different. Mind you its not slim.

By Dasaradha Ramu Barlaon
Flipkart delivery Service is good as usual. WS Retail - No questions - Good Seller. Coming to the review of the product... 1. Don't be deceived by the pictures. They are not of either 2TB or they are manipulated. The drive is not slim as shown in the pictures. Its 2.2 cm in thickness. Its not slim. But you can't complain for that as it comes with a massive storage of 2TB. 2. It comes with what it says... 2TB (20,00,36,52,89,472 Bytes). Available space after formatting to Mac Extended Journaled format is Full 2TB (less than 1 GB used). I thought that would be around 1.7TB, but its not. Its Full 2TB available for storage. 3.Comes with some softwares which are almost useful to none. WD Security app might be useful for windows users as it will encrypt the data but beware, if you forgot your password for the drive or your drive is partially corrupted, then you loose your data completely. For Mac if you want to encrypt your data, you can just format the drive in Disk Utilities to Mac journaled Encrypted format. 4. Speed.... I have formatted the drive in HFS+ (Mac Format), No encryption, Connected to USB 3.0, with MacBook Pro Retina with internal SSD (SSD can read around 480MBps - So its not the limiting one).... I got the Write speed around 70-115 MB/s for large continuous files. 5. Read speed around 80-120 MB/s.(Variable, depends on file location.) 6. The quality, look and feel is almost the same as WD My Passport 1 TB except the size ~ thickness.Matte finish. No external power required. 7. The drive is getting a little hotter after continuous writing for an hour. 8. The cable is short around 1feet but it will be okay with laptops. 9. The build quality is same as of WD My Passport .... May break when it falls directly on hard surface. They are all the same. 10. No driver spinning sound but very slight vibration. The light on the HDD is very small LED, doesn't disturb you at all. I didn't find any difference between my previous WD My Passport 1TB and this WD My Passport Ultra 2TB except for an increase in size. Mind you, its not slim, its 2.2cms in thickness. Don't be fooled by the pictures. They are deceiving. Finally its a good buy. 2TB which don't require external power. Other options - WD My Passport 2TB, Buffalo MiniStation 2TB(Comes in glossy finish) .

Two Models WD My Passport Ultra & Ultra New

By Bhavik Shethon
I am WD Super Lover WD My Passport Ultra & Ultra New are two model of the drive rt-now available WD My Passport Ultra - One with the doted texture on body WD My Passport Ultra New - bit slim and plain look. WD My Passport Ultra Metal - Up Coming has Metal enclosure The Ultra New Drive are bit lower in cost and also in performance and stability, :( it's poor, transfer difference are noticeable on true 3.0 USB as well. WD Ultra old Doted one beats Ultra New still after 1yr of product revision. So be caution while purchase.

WD My Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive

By Mukund Vashiston
Flipkart is good. Product is good. The updates on status of shipment is good. Good Value for money. Everything is OK, except the courier guys. I was sent an SMS that it will be delivered on a particular day before 7 PM. It was a sunday &I understand that it's a bit difficult as the courier guys are also humans, they too have families & they too want to enjoy weekends. But that doesn't mean they lie... I called on the number given to me in the SMS. Call was cut by the courier guy. i assumed he could be busy (say may be he is driving). Some 2 hrs later he calls me & I was busy. For courtesy sake, I again called him back. He could told me the truth, instead he blames me that he has called several times & I didn't pick up. All these happened before 2 PM. However, I was given a time until 7 PM... What irritating was, website was updated with the status as "I was unreachable", which is false... Please take care of the same. Regret for not finding a place where to report the same... So I did here... Product is very good & my good ratings to Dealer...

Value For Money.

By Paramjit4on
i bought on 30 Dec 2015. still working perfect.No error Excellent and inexpensive storage device. Plug and play for one TB of storage space. Quick and responsive drive for all of your data and back up needs. The unit is slim, silent and very portable.Solid 1TB hard drive. Small enough to easily carry around all of your files in your backpack or purse. Personally, I prefer the value of the 2 TB version, despite it's added bulkiness, but the 1 TB functions well too. Just a reminder to back up all of your important files in multiple places! Hard drives can die, your files shouldn't die with them.

Very light, pretty fast

By Avik Royon
I'm very satisfied with the product. It weighs about 150 gms or so, and size is 2.5", so its portability is very high. Kind of 'Pocket me rocket hain'. Its protector pouches weigh more.With USB 3.0 compatibility, the transfer speed is awesome. I'm very satisfied with this product.

Beautiful device for Backup

By Shokaton
I wanted an external HDD because my Macbook Air SSD was running out of space. After some research, I found this WD MyPassport 2TB Version. It has 256-bit hardware encryption feature. It provides an extra layer of security without impacting on performance.Pros:1. USB 3.0 - This ensures maximum transfer rate in or out depending on the host you connect it to. I get around 80 MB/sec or more sequential write speed and about 40 MB/sec read speed mainly because of my hardware limitation. It's USB 2.0 compatible so you don't have to worry if you don't have a USB 3.0 port.2. 256-bit Hardware Encryption - I think this is a must-have feature for external HDDs. I don't know whether this actually encrypts all your data or just deny access to the unencrypted data without an access key. You can secure the HDD with a password of your choice and you don't need any additional software for it because they are pre-installed. You don't have to enter the password each time you plug it into you PC/laptop because you can set it to remember your frequently used devices. One downside of this feature is that it's not compatible with Linux unless you find a workaround (I don't know about Mac). There are some other utilities too which I find useful.3. It has a bright white LED notification on one side which blinks rapidly while read/write operation.4. Auto sleep mode - It'll automatically enter into sleep/power down mode if you don't access it for a while.5. Works great with Mac.Cons:1. Overdependent on Windows platform.2. The surface is prone to scratches and body is entirely made of plastic (caution is advised when handling).3. No distinguishable USB 2.0/USB 3.0 indication.4. No password recovery feature.You should register your device as soon as you receive it to avail full warranty (I got only 1000 days). The HDD is slim, light-weight and portable and I bought it for Rs.6,500/- (a bit high). Overall I'm satisfied with this product for now. Thanks. Have a nice day! :)

Great performance, but a bit disappointing build quality

By Kyemon
Black is my preferred colour for all my gadgets, but Blue is my second favourite, and as the blue one was nearly ?350 cheaper, I bought a case for ?280 with the money. Got it from Cloudtail, the most trustworthy seller (may be Amazon India's official seller). Obviously I checked in the positive reviews, so with no second thought ordered for the 2TB HDD. Many choose ext HDD of 500gb OR 1TB, but I leave the HDD life to LUCK!! 6 years ago, when I had almost no good knowledge of HDD, I bought a WD Green internal 2TB, But later I came to know that this had no good reputations with users, but mine is working fine, and it's 100% healthy, and as it is full now, I bought this passport Ultra 2TB to store my VST setups.About the warranty issueI have seen many have complained about this issue but I had no such issue. I received my unit on 14th October and as I was not at home, it was received by my parents, and today (16th October) I came back home and registered my unit using the provided WD Drive Utility software and my warranty was booked till 20th October 2019, ie. exact 3 years and a few more days!! So I guess to avoid this issue, buy your units from Cloudtail, I have never regretted buying things from Cloudtail.About the speedI have not done any benchmark tests, I straightaway have started copying my VST setups (nearly 1.2TB) and the average speed is somewhere near 101 to 102 MBPS, excluding the fact that in VST applications there are numerous molecular files, and to copy them, the transfer rate slows down a bit (to know the reason, you need to read bout the file allocating system during the read/write process). Although the average is at about 102MBPS, the write speed touched the peak of 115MBPS. On USB 3.0 its great, its seriously awesome (although I have connected it to USB 3.1 port). Please check the review of Abraham Joseph, he has posted some benchmark snapshots, and its genuine. Even I am posting a snapshot of the write speed on the disk.Earlier I have asked to check the review of Abhraham Joseph, but now I have made a benchmark test of the sequential R/W of my unit. please do check in the image.Initially you may not get the speed I am getting. Copy the WD softwares somewhere (or you can erase off and download them) and format the drive. And then go to Defragment and optimize drive and optimize the drive there and then use it!!The biggest drawbackAnd every good thing has a con. and it's the build quality of this Ext HDD. Though it looks good in new condition, but the material is cheap Plastic which is prone to scratches, even on minor friction, specially it would be hard to maintain the look for people having coarse/ rough hand like mine. Buy a case is the ultimate advice!! Choose Blue or other colour instead of Black, save some bucks and with that money buy a case. I am thinking of putting a skin thin plastic coating on it to make it scratch proof.HeatingAs of now I have been copying files since the last one and half hours as of now and I have not measured the heat with any infrared thermometer or any such device, but to my assumption, the temperature is approximately at near 45-47 degree Celsius. I guess this is pretty normal for a HDD that is being continuously used for 100 minutes as of now!! You can obviously touch the drive, thanks to the plastic body.

must buy if you're care user...compatible size,easy to use,excellent transfer speed makes it definitely buy device.

By Gouravon
Pros:1) compatible size: very small compare to transcend2) fast 3.0 transfer speeds.3) no sound, no heat must wait for 3/6 months to know about those issues.cons:1) military rubber casing of transcend is durable and reliable unlike wd's plastic case which we must take care from drops etc.2) small usb 3.0 cable.3) no wd pouch: they used to give pouch for hd...there is also empty slot for pouch sad wd didn't provided pouch..if you can take care of hd then its a must buy product it you use rough don't care about it or have high chances of dropping it I would suggest to go with transcend.

Very good perfect

By Hildafernandes.18on
Its working fine n looks attractive. Overall a good product I'm using since 6 months

Nice Product

By Librianon
Working best as expected

Good service

By Gillpaul93on
Very good service and product is so good no problem in protuct

excellent prod in price range

By Bobbyon
excellent prod in price range

High speed/value for money

By Junaidon
high speed data transfer /safe n secure protection/having a best feature for cloud strg upto 200gb .

WD Hard drive

By Amanon
Its very good and genuine product.


By Bishnu Gurungon
Working very well

Good products

By Rajeev kumaron
Thanks snap deal

WD my passport Ultra 1 TB

By Girishon
Good product bit bit slow

Good Quality

By Jeevanon
And deliver is very fast

Classy product

By Samim Akhteron
If anyone want to use it in tv or phone via otg then you have to change its format to FAT32 .. Google it to do so...

Wrong description mentioned

By Dharmendra K. Singhon
It's a very good hard drive folks, worth buying. Flipkart guys have mentioned wrong description. Neither it's red nor it requires external power. It comes with the name WD My Passport Ultra (Berry) & runs on the power of your laptop's USB. Look is very decent but it's not as shiny as it appear in the photograph. Though a good buy. I bought it for 4K from another store. When you guys get your hard drive, don't forget to register and check warranty status on Western Digital's official website.

Best product ,but not supporting for led TV

By Srinivas kon
Product & Service are good, but not supporting for Led TV....


By Flipkart Customeron


By Nikitha Nimbalkaron
Got it delivered the next day I ordered.Happy with the product, and loved the color. As mentioned by one of the user, don't forget to register for warranty. Good luck.
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