Your shopping companion, on the go!

Scandid is a barcode scanner based shopping app for India. It helps you find the best deals on products from online and nearby local stores!

  • Find products by scanning barcode, searching by keywords, or speaking the product name
  • See prices from all online stores along with all available offers and coupons
  • Get address and phone number of nearby local shops selling the product
  • Browse daily hot deals and offers compiled from hundreds of sources
  • Did we mention it's FREE?

Scan barcodes

Barcode scanning has never been so useful and fun! Compare prices of a product across hundreds of online retailers simply by scanning the product barcode. The app also shows you all coupons and offers available for that product to make sure you get the best deal.

Search or Speak

Don't find the barcode? No problem. Just speak or search the product by its name and Scandid will search millions of products and find the best prices and coupons.

Scandid shows you all variations when you search for a product by its name. This way you can find the best deal on exactly the product you are looking for!

Find best prices and coupons

Compare prices across all major online stores in one go! It even shows you all the coupons, credit / debit card and netbanking offers. With such detailed price information, you will never miss a deal again!

Shopping at all mall or a local retailer? Make sure you lookup the product you are buying on Scandid. Show the online prices to the salesman and ask for price match! You will be surprised how well this negotiation trick can work.

Shop nearby stores

Along with the online stores, Scandid also shows you addresses and phone numbers from all the local shops nearby you that might be selling that product. This way you will always get the best deal, regardless of whether it's available online or offline!

Daily fresh offers and deals

Scandid compiles daily deals, offers and coupons from hundreds of online sources and shows you everything at one place. With this powerful deal aggregator always available your phone, you will never miss a deal again!

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Scandid Reviews



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Cool app

Very good app and comes at the right time when e-commerce in India is cluttered and this helps on getting best deals. Saw you at tc and this is a winner app.

November 16, 2013

Amazing app

Ur pocket guide for everything u search and buy. Must have app

November 5, 2013

Most help full & Best app in shopping category

Its look like you guys have huge product database I have scanned and searched number of products and got correct result every time. Revolutionary app

October 12, 2013

Scandid in the news

Launched in June 2012, Pune-based price comparison platform Shoppingwish has rebranded itself as Scandid. The Scandid app was demoed as one of the finalists in MobileSparks 2013.

An app that helps you make sense of discounts and deals

Two computer science engineers, with good industry exposure put their heads together to make customers' shopping experience simpler. Their solution: Scandid

With the mobile app, you can scan the barcode on a product or search by product name and see prices and coupons from online stores. We find the app very useful from a price discovery point of view.