How to build a Scandid like barcode scanning based mobile shopping app for India

Want to build Scandid like barcode scanner based shopping app? With Scandid Mobile Shopping SDK you can do it in less than two hours! Here's how:
Follow the detailed steps below to get started.

1. Download file and extract

This zip file contains code samples, API jar file and other resources that are needed for you to build the app.

2. Customize barcode scanner SDK to work with Scandid API

Scandid Mobile API works with two most popular barcode scanning libraries: zbar and RedLaser. You choose which scanning library works best for you based on the licensing fee, terms etc. Once you decide which one to use, follow instructions below for integrating with Scandid Mobile Shopping SDK.

(i) Integrating with ZBAR

Creating ZBAR library project:

  • Download Zbar sdk from following path
  • Extract zip and Copy CameraTest sample project that comes with sdk in your workspace
  • Copy files,, available in zbar folder inside source inside package (Replace and
  • Replace original manifest file with one which is available in zbar folder
  • Copy uicamera.xml available in zbar folder to layout folder of CameraTest project
  • Copy marker.xml available in zbar folder to drawable folder of CameraTest project
  • Now right click on CameraTest project select properties goto android tab and scroll down and check Is Library check box so that this project becomes library project

Using Zbar:

  • Now copy APIDemo project prsent in samples folder
  • Right click on project, goto properties, goto android tab, and add CameraTest project as library project
  • Refer project for rest
(ii) Integrating RedLaser:

Using Redlaser with Scandid sdk:

  • Refer RLSample project give in samples folder

3. Scandid API Integration

  • You need to request licence key first by sending mail request on developer [at] scandid [dot] in
  • You need to copy ScandidWrapperOut.jar in libs folder.
  • Refer to APIDemo given in samples folder for further details.

Please refer to projects under samples folder. You will need to replace the API_KEY in by the one which you get from us in email.

Download the Scandid sdk HERE.

For all questions, suggestions and feature requests please contact us at developer [at] scandid [dot] in