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Nikon Coolpix S 5100 Point & Shoot Camera Price in India

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Nikon Coolpix S 5100 Point & Shoot Camera price in India from stores in India from Rs. 30950 - Rs. 30950

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NIKON D5100 DSLR Camera

Rs. 30950
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Nikon Coolpix S 5100 Point & Shoot Camera Specifications

Sales Package Body Cap BF-1B, Rubber Eyecup DK-20, Battery Charger MH-24, Camera Body, ViewNX 2 CD, User Manual, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL14, AF-S 18-55mm VR Kit Lens, Strap AN-DC3, Eyepiece Cap DK-5, Audio Video Cable EG-CP14, Accessory Shoe Cover BS-1, USB Cable UC-E6
Model Name D5100
Series Nikon
Effective Pixel 16.2 MP
Wifi No
Wifi No
Screen Resolution Type Full HD
Lens Attachment Body Only
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/4000 sec
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 23.6 x 15.8 mm
Maximum Iso 6400
Maximum Fps 4 fps
Sensor Technology CMOS
Metering 3D color matrix metering II
Auto Focus Yes
Manual Focus Yes
Type Of Lens Nikon F mount
Lens Focal Length Approx. 1.5x lens focal length
Minimum Shutter Speed 30 sec
Built-in Flash Yes
Flash Modes Fill-flash, slow sync, auto slow sync, red-eye reduction, auto with red-eye reduction, slow sync with red-eye reduction, auto, slow sync with red-eye reduction, rear-curtain sync, rear-curtain with slow sync.
Hd Support Yes
Delete Function Yes
Self-timer Yes
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Sync Terminal 1/200 sec
Picture Angle Approx. 1.5x lens focal length
White Balancing Auto (TTL white-balance with main image sensor and 420-pixel RGB sensor), Incandescent, Fluorescent ( 7 types ), Direct, Sunlight, Flash, Cloudy, Shade, preset manual.
Shooting Modes Single frame, Continuous: 4fps, Self-timer, Delayed remote, Quick-response remote, Silent shuttle release, D-Movie.
Video Format MOV movie (H.264, MPEG-4 AVC compression format with Linear PCM sound; Stereo sound with external microphone)
Audio Video Interface Audio / Video Output
Image Sizing 4928 x 3264 (L)
Image Format NEF (12 or 14-bit lossless compressed or compressed RAW), JPEG (Baseline-compliant)
Face Detection Yes
Continuous Shots Continuous shooting mode: Approx. 4fps
Upgradable Memory Yes
Card Type SD / SDHC / SDXC
Power Supply EH-5a AC Adapter
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Usb Hi-speed USB 2.0
Hdmi HDMI output (Type C mini-pin connector)
Display Size 3 inch
Lcd Display TFT LCD
Lcd Display Image Resolution 921,000 dots
Lcd Display Video Resolution 1920 x 1080
View Finder Yes
Viewfinder Type Eye-level pentamirror
Tripod Socket Yes
Supported Languages 22
Camera Body Weight 509 g
Dimensions 128 (W) x 96.9 (H) x 78.7 (D) mm
Other Features 45 cm (1 ft. 6 in.) to infinity (?), Macro close-up mode
Digital Zoom 6x & below
Supc SDL473901132

An awesome product! Let's compare it closest Canon competitor, 550D!

By Chetan Vartakon
I've used both products, and also own D5100, so I guess the review will be useful for many! Why you should go for Canon 550D? 1. Well well, street price is lower, you can actually buy some low end camera with that difference.. 2. Built-in focus motor.. This is most important reason why you should go for 550D than D5100. It will save your hell lot of money on your further lens purchases.. You will not need to go for lenses with built-in auto-focus motor, which are much more costly. 3. More megapixels.. About 2 megapixels more.. (Does not bother me much, but bothers few people for sure!) 4. Smaller, thinner and lighter, though not very much! 2.4 inches compared to 3.1 inches.. and 530gm against 560gm! lol... 5. Now on some sites I read that it has lesser start up delay and less shutter lag, but the lag is in few milliseconds, you won't even recognize unless you use both cams for couple of years, separately.. 6. Allegedly, better video quality! 7. Better resolution of live-view-screen, c'mon, nothing related to camera quality though! Now, did you notice that except built-in motor and more megapixels, everything else are physical attributes, nothing really connected to photo quality, now lets see why you should go for Nikon D5100? 1. Canon delivers better video quality, but does not auto-focus once the shooting starts.. Will annoy you if the subject moves towards you! 2. The screen has lesser resolution, but flips out and rotates, amazing feature, trust me! 3. Larger sensor, well, APS C of Nikon (DX) is same as standard APS C, but Canon APS C is a little smaller than that! (23.6mmX15.6mm vs 22.3mmX14.9mm, believe me, each nanometer counts!) 4. Better colour depth as each manual shouts, 23.5 bits vs 22.1 bits, well, that means better image quality. 5. More focus points, 11 vs 9, yup that counts! 6. shoots at 4 fps vs 3.7 fps of canon 7. longer battery life, well, something that I have experienced. The capacity says the other way round though, 1120 mAH vs 1030mAH. I guess Nikon engine is more efficient! Also, I find Canon batteries a little costlier than Nikon. 8. Larger ISO 9. Has in camera HDR, awesome, captures two photos at different exposure and combines them to give exact picture as seen by naked eye! That's really cool, something which you cannot do with Photoshop that effectively once the image has been captured! 10. In-camera effects, that's awesome, especially to show-off in front of photography-illiterate people, or photo-editing-illiterate I would say.. :') 11. Allegedly, better image quality at higher ISO owing to more dynamic EV range. So, I guess the winner is Nikon D5100!

Nikon D5100 DSLR: Simply Awesome Images with Great Details and Sharpness.

By Mehul Voraon
I ordered the Nikon D5100 DSLR from Flipkart on the 1st of Nov'12 and received it within 48 hrs of placing the order, on the 3rd Nov'12 at my door step. Thanks for the super fast delivery of the product in good condition. Nikon D5100 DSLR, is placed between Entry level and Pro level DSLR cameras from Nikon. Precisely between D3100 and D7000. Before zeroing on the D5100 I did my own research about Nikon and Canon. Since Nikon and Canon are the leading brands in Camera Optics, it was easier to ignore the others in the trade. I specifically compared Nikon D5100 Vs. Canon EOS 600D. The Specs looked quite similar, except that the Nikon D5100 has a slight edge over the Canon EOS 600D in terms of Image capturing, quality of images, color and details of images. The Canon scored the brownie points in terms of Video shooting. Being Nikon fan, it was easier for me to opt/choose for NIKON DSLR as my next. Before Graduating to NIKON DSLR, I have used Nikon Point-n-Shoot(Nikon Coolpix L20) and a Bridge camera (Super zoom Nikon Coolpix P80). Product Details: NIKON are very good at Optics in terms of IMAGING. Their EXSPEED Processors built into their cameras are exceptionally built and are of high quality image processing unit. The D5100 has Exspeed II Processor which is very good are processing the image captured and then saving it ont he Data storage (Internal storage or External storage). The sensor is of 16.2 mega pixel DX format CMOS sensor. Advantage of Nikon D5100 over Canon EOS 600D or for that matter even other brands (Sony alpha DSLRs) are as below: a) 11 Point Auto focus system over Canon's 9 Point. b) Lighter in weight than that of Canon EOS 600D c) Slightly Cheaper in price compared to Canon. d) Greater Color depth 23.5 bits as compared to Canon EOS 600D e) Wide Dynamic range 13.0 EV f) Images are sharper and less/low noise at high ISO Sensitivity while capturing snaps. g) The NIKON D5100 has in camera HDR (High Dynamic Range) where as the Canon EOS 600D does not have HDR in built. h) Nikon D5100 has larger Sensor @ 23.6mm x 15.6 mm Vs. 22.3mm x 14.9mm of that of Canon.(Hence more light enters into the sensor and better image capturing experience) i) The Shutter lag is less than that of Canon EOS 600D. (273 mili seconds Vs. 283 mili seconds) j) The Nikon D5100 shoots at a faster rate of 4fps (frames per second) that than of Canon at 3.7 fps. k) Has additional Special Effects option on the Mode dial with around 5 -7 special effects for better and innovative image capture. l) One specific observation I have noticed is that at low ISO settings, the D5100 is equal with the best of the competition Canon EOS 600d, Nikon D3100 , but at the higher ISO settings, it produces some of the best image quality that on would have ever seen from an APS-C sensor camera. m) The it lens provided with this product (Nikon D5100) is good for getting you started with DSLR. A good all purpose lens at a cheaper price but is worth using for your start-up into DSLR photography. n) The lens is of focal length 18mm - 55 mm G type lens. it is quite good at capturing your subject's image at a wider range. o) Both Nikon and Canon have a good repository of lenses to choose from. p) The kit lens of Nikon is quite good, but I would only suggest to go for additional lens once you have got a good hang of DSLRs . One all purpose zoom lens (Tamron or Sigma), one Prime lens of 50 MM f1.8 aperture fixed focal length for outdoors is a must have in your lens collection. q) I observed that the Battery life of Nikon D5100 is pretty good at capturing even the high resolution images. So at a Medium size image capture the number of images would increase and save battery life. r) The LCD Menu is easy to understand and with the help button in hand on the rear body of the camera it serves as a good tutorial as well. s) The Live view on the Tilting LCD screen is great to have. But the only problem here is that it takes quite a split of a second to focus on the subject. t) Image quality is definitely the D5100's trump card. It offers effectively the same image quality as the higher-end D7000, at a lower cost, and it's hard to argue that this is not a good thing. The final word from my side is : The Nikon D5100 is without doubt one of the most compelling and competitive products in its class compared to Canon and Sony, and offers an excellent mixture of straightforward handling, a well-targeted feature set, and excellent video and still image quality. As we'd expect from a camera with such a solid lineage, the D5100 is responsive and reliable in operation, and produces excellent images with a minimum of fuss. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product bought and would definitely recommend the Nikon D5100 DSLR to someone for his/her first choice as a beginner DSLR camera. - Cheers!!

So the battles of thoughts are finally over! :)

By Amal Aon
Like you, even i was confused... Nikon D5100 or Canon 600D? I had spend months trying to decide the same. And whenever i was about to decide on one, the thoughts of other came and haunted me :/ On top of those, the reviews and 'expert' advises of friends... My situation was hopeless :) But on 24th July 2013, i declared an end to the war! Yes, i had a bias towards Nikon. But that was not the only reason for selecting Nikon... Since i had gone through the pain and torture of this selection process, i thought i would pen down, here, what worked for me... Who knows, may be this would help some of you! First some facts : 1. There is no 'the best' or 'the better' here. Both are absolutely worth the money you spend. 2. If its the photography that you are interested in, then N 5100 is the one for you. But if it is video too, then C 600D 2. I felt Canon to be more user friendly. Also, while holding Canon, you feel full. Hope you got what i meant! Where as Nikon gives you a kinda light weight stuff feeling. But after using Nikon for a while, i am very comfortable with it. 3. Also, Never make the mistake of comparing pictures taken in both by looking at the LCD screen in camera. Canon has a sharper LCD screen. So, if you want to compare the pictures, copy it in a laptop/tab and see it. Much better option would be taking print and analyzing it. 4. Now the much hyped 'built in motor'. Its quite natural if it confuses you. Just chuck it! But if you just cant, open 2 pages and compare Nikon and Canon Lenses side by side. You would discover that both are costlier no matter what. So... no point in worrying about it... Besides, once you buy a particular brand, i dont think you would think "oh my god, the other brand lenses are cheap!" Instead you would only be looking at the same brand lenses and compatible lenses. Now how would you select: 1. Walk into reliance digital or QRS or something of that sort and ask for a demo of these 2 devices and take couple of pics too. As you go home, you would have decided on the user friendliness factor. 2. Ask yourself which brand you are more inclined to. Start watching youtube videos on that rather than watching both Nikon and Canon videos. It helps :p 3. Now, once these 2 are over, you keep a watch on the prices in Flipkart, eBay etc... There will an offer one day or another. I had to wait it a bit long, but it proved to be worth. I bought it for 28104 (24th July 2013). When converted to EMI (6 months) the total cost became 28500. It was a pretty good deal that time (normal price was 31k). With 4gb card and carry case :) My Exp with Nikon D5100: Absolutely worth the money i spend for... Learning phase is great.. Besides, the wow factor that appears on others face. I recently (August 2014) added Nikkor 35mm f1.8G (affordable bokeh lenses - 7.6k). I am pretty happy with the pics i take. One thing is for sure, when you start experimenting with it, you will automatically graduate to the next level of photography.. So dont worry about your present expertise level. All you need is a creative mind. Also, never worry about the lenses you have to add. Start with the basic lens. As you progress you will realize what is your specialty (zoom, bokeh, landscape, portrait etc). Once you finds that out, purchase lenses accordingly rather than just adding with out any purpose. So happy shopping and enjoy your camera. Gook luck :)

Buyers help guide to your first DSLR

By Romir Bannerjeeon
Big thanks to Flipkart and WS Retail for quick delivery! 48 hours from order to receipt! Packaging was good, as always. I am very satisfied with my Nikon D5100 + 35mm f/1.8, would recommend both wholeheartedly to anybody considering a DSLR. My review is to help others buying their first DSLR make a decision. Firstly, all DSLRs take excellent photos and videos too. I believe that no one brand is MUCH better than the others 1. Budget: Whatever your budget, buy at least one good lens to suit your needs. Don't spend your full budget on a DSLR + kit lens *UNLESS* the kit lens is really enough. Good lenses help take good photos. If your budget is around 35k, consider a camera for under 30k with kit + at least one more lens to suit your needs. 2. Lenses: What type of photography do you plan on doing? Indoors/outdoors, portraits/landscapes, kids/pets etc.? Your satisfaction with any DSLR depends heavily on your choice of lenses to match your needs. Research a little and find what focal length/aperture/zoom and PRICE suits your needs. 3. Camera control: Understand your needs. If you are new to photography in general or don’t want to fidget with settings but still want to take good photos, too many buttons may not be needed, or just get in the way and overwhelm you. A camera that takes good pictures in "Auto" may better suit you. Nikon is usually the best at doing everything well automatically. As you learn more, you can fine tune all of your Nikon DSLR's 'Auto' settings too! 4. Features: All cameras offer broadly the same features, but here is why in the entry to upper-entry segment, I believe Nikon DSLRs are the best -- feature wise: -- Intelligent Auto ISO: Set MIN ISO, MAX ISO *AND* MIN Shutter speed. Other DSLRs have a button to adjust ISO, but with this Nikon feature, you will rarely ever need to adjust ISO again! It's not found on the 600D, no idea about the 1200D. -- Customizable White Balance presets: All Nikon DSLRS allow you to customize every WB preset to your tastes including Auto. Plus one custom setting too! As far as I know, you will not find this on entry level DSLRs. -- Nine Custom picture styles in camera + 99 on SD card. You can also transfer these to a different Nikon DSLR, so your custom picture styles will be with you as long as you use Nikon DSLRs. -- Menu history tab. Nikon menus are simple anyway. But they also have a history tab. Your most recently changed setting are saved. Even if you changed one item in playback menu, one from shooting menu, one from touch up menu, the history tab stores them. You may never have to keep navigating the entire menu again after just a short while of using your Nikon DSLR. Neat! -- Easy live view/Movie mode: Nikon beats Canons here. Push one lever to lock the mirror up, Live view starts, press the movie record button. Movie recording begins. No need to turn the mode dial. -- Live view/Movie autofocus. The Nikon D3x00/D5x00 and above will do this. Not all other brands of entry/upper entry DSLRs offer movie autofocus. It's not super-fast, but it's better than manual focus! -- In-camera RAW to JPEG. Some competing entry level DSLRs lack this feature. All Nikon DSLRs have it. All DSLRs should have this. Non-pro buyers at this price point are unlikely to want to process their RAW files on their PC/Laptop, especially if they only occasionally need to adjustment white balance/color tone. -- Reliable exposure metering: Nikons are generally believed to have reliable exposure metering, with/without flash. Other entry/upper entry DSLRs are generally a small step down, my research suggests. You may still have to apply exposure compensation but you won't find yourself needing to change it often or have your subject under/over exposed when you least expected it on a Nikon. Overall, Nikons entry/upper entry DSLRs are better suited to users who want to take great photos, with minimum fuss, and don't want to spend a lot of time changing settings or post processing images. Nikons are generally perceived to be more reliable and rugged, and built to last. Also, Nikon make great lenses at many price points and you get lots of accessories for them, so it's not a brand you will ever have to worry about starting out with. One last point. D3xx/D5xx, it can get confusing. Here is my advice: - 24 vs 16 MP: You will benefit from 24 MP if (a) you have good lenses that can resolve 24 MP OR you shoot with apertures 5.6 or smaller for max sharpness, (b) you shoot at low ISOs, never over ISO 800, and (c) you need to take small crops or make big enlargements often. Otherwise, the only difference between 24 vs 16 MP are larger file sizes. - Swiveling screen. The D5xxx range has it, D3xxx doesn’t. It’s a great feature and worth having. - Overall price/performance/VFM/image quality: In my opinion, the D5100 is the clear winner here, compared to other Nikon DSLRs and other brands too, in the 30k segment. Happy shooting :)

Inordinate Delay in delivery of the Camera - Ekart Logistics a Big Liar/ Bluffer-Order Id:OD31130042726

By Pankaj Kumaron
I was looking for a DSLR for our first foreign family holiday. Selected D5100 after reading good reviews on Flipkart. But today having made the advance payment, I regret my decision. Today I feel that COD would have been the better option. Since they have received the payment, Flipkart is not at all interested in getting the product delivered to me. The Ekart Logistics tracking site states that the Camera has reached my locality on 30th Nov. But today is 7th Dec & even after repeated reminders, it is yet to be delivered to me. It seems that Ekart Logistics is a Big Liar & Bluffers. They are updating their sites with false data (dates) and definitely it is done with the full knowledge of Flipkart. Eagerly waiting for this camera to arrive before I leave for the holiday. But now it seems I will have to go on my holiday without this camera. I would advise everyone to think twice before making advance payment. COD would be better. Update on 10th Dec Even after repeated reminders & requests to the Callous Flipkart Customer care & Customer Support the Camera has not yet been delivered to me. Nobody in Flipkart has any clue what-so-ever about its current status. Everyone is giving vague replies & empty assurances after conveniently pocketing my hard earned Rs 28920. I have to leave now for the holiday without the camera.
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Nikon Coolpix S 5100 Point & Shoot Camera price in India summary

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