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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera + EF 24-105mm IS II USM Lens Kit Price in India

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera + EF 24-105mm IS II USM Lens Kit price in India from stores in India from ₹1,95,990.00 - ₹3,09,990.00

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera Body with Single Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS II USM  (Black)

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera Body with Single Lens:EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens  (Black)

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera + EF 24-.. Specifications

Brand Canon
Model Number EOS 5D Mark IV
Model Name EOS 5D Mark IV
Slr Variant Body with Single Lens:EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens
Color Black
Effective Pixels 30.4 MP
Tripod Socket Yes
Wifi Yes
Gps Yes
Sensor Type CMOS
Iso Rating 100-32,000(Max to 1,02,400)
Optical Zoom 24-105mm
Focus Points 61-Point AF + Movie Servo AF
Shutter Speed 1/8000 - 30 sec
Self-timer No
Continuous Shots 7fps shooting
Video Resolution 6720 x 4480
Video Quality 4K at 30p + 4K Frame Grab
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Service Type Customer visite to nearest service center
Effective Pixels 30.4 MP
Sensor Type CMOS
Full Hd Recording 1080p
Screen Size 8.12 cm (3.2)
Megapixel 22.3 Megapixel
Supc 1212079
Binding Electronics
Languages english,arabic,chinese,czech,danish,german
Height 4.58267716068 inches
Length 5.92913385222 inches
Width 2.98818897333 inches
Weight 4.6517537282 pounds
Ean 0013803281354
Upc 013803281354

Terrific purchase

By Flipkart Customeron
it's just not a camera this thing can do anything you want like cooking , driving , washing cloths , and the best part is that it will help you complete your home work .....

Best in the market!

By Flipkart Customeron

Did not meet expectations

By Joseph Thomason
It's very dangerous ... Whatever photo I took with thia camera turned into gold !

Mind-blowing purchase

By Siddhanth hundreon
Best camera effects

Biggest mistake of my life!

By Sandip Thakuriaon
Very dangerous camera ....This camera can walk very risky to handle

Great Product

By PKSon
Really enhances your photo taking ability.

Very good camera!

By Albinon
Was skeptical to order a high value item online but finally bought it on getting a good deal. Both the camera and lens were in perfect condition and I was able to successfully register them on canon edge for the warranty.


By KDon
the Canon EOS 5D's build quality is excellent. The rugged body is composed of a magnesium alloy and stainless steel chassis (including the optional BG-E4 Battery Grip). Although this is not a dust and weather sealed design, the feel is solid and sure. Next to the 1-Series bodies, this is my favorite Canon grip thus far. A sculpted Canon logo, electroplated "EOS 5D" badge and higher density matte finish complete the quality look and feel. The 5D is one of the quietest Canon DSLRs currently available. Listen to the 5D's shutter sound and frame rate compared to the Canon 20D ... 5D 3 fps Burst 20D 5 fps Burst The Canon EOS 5D is equipped with a newly developed 9-point AF unit with 6 invisible Supplemental AF points. Results include improved AI Servo AF subject tracking and improved focusing from a defocused state. I find the 5D's autofocus to be both fast and accurate - even in low light situations. Although not quite as good as the 1D Mark II and 1Ds Mark II, the 5D performs well for real AF challenges such as action sports photography. My AI Servo AF hit rate through several soccer games was slightly less than what I generally see with the 1Ds Mark II, but still very good. The 9 AF points span approximately the same subject area as Canon's other Digital SLRs. Like the 20D, the 5D requires a lens with a maximum aperture opening of at least f/5.6 for AF to function. Canon's 1-Series bodies can AF with a maximum aperture of at least f/8 (1-stop less). All modern lenses have 5D AF-compatible apertures - the difference comes when adding extenders to these lenses. To learn more about the 5D's AF technology, read the white paper (link below). The Canon EOS 5D's Image quality is excellent. This should be a surprise to none. As a broad statement, I would say that the 5D's image quality falls between the 20D and the Canon EOS 1DS Mark II - more because of the number of pixels than anything else. Dynamic range is good, but appears to be slightly closer to the 20D than the 1Ds Mark II. The 5D expands the 20D's ISO 100 to 1600 to include ISO 50 and 3200. In addition, the 5D allows 1/3 increment stops. Noise performance is similar to the 1-Series Mark II bodies and very slightly better than the 20D. he 5D's features and functions are extensive - there are very few pro or prosumer functions not included. I will leave the complete list to the retailers and Canon's white paper (linked below), but will touch on a few additional ones - especially differences between the 5D and the 20D. The 5D has far fewer shooting modes than the 20D. With the exception of the Full Auto (point and shoot) mode, all of the basic modes (Portrait, Landscape ...) have been removed. Most people moving to a camera as advanced as the 5D do not use these modes anyway. New on the mode dial is a new 'C' (Camera User Setting) selection. Setup the 5D for a certain situation and save the settings (including custom functions - which include mirror lockup) to 'C'. When you want to immediately recall these settings, simply turn the mode dial to 'C'. Be wary of powering down the camera - or having it go into sleep mode - while in 'C' Mode. The camera likely will revert to the stored 'C' Mode settings even if you have altered them prior to power down/sleeping. The 5D has 3 interchangeable focusing screens available. Most users will stay with the standard focusing screen, but this option will be important to some. The 5D adds user selectable folders. This is a nice option for those who want to organize their shots into specific folders. Create a new folder, select it and begin shooting. Do the same again for the next set of shots you wish to keep grouped together. New image viewing jump options are available on the 5D. You can jump by 10 or 100 images, by date or by folder. This makes finding a specific shot easier. The 5D's full-frame sensor is certainly one of it's biggest selling points. Photographers have been asking for an affordable full-frame Digital SLR since DSLRs were first produced. Landscape and other wide angle photography needs are better met by a full-frame body. Portrait photographers want the shallow depth of field attainable with the larger sensor. The 5D is Canon's answer to these needs. Although it will be a long time before the goal is realized, Canon plans for all but the least expensive DSLRs to have full-frame sensors in the future. Like the 20D, the 5D is powered by a Canon BP-511A Battery Pack. With a fully charged BP-511A (or BP-514), Canon indicates battery life at approximately 800 shots at 68°F (20°C) or 400 shots at 32°F (0°C). My first fully charged battery delivered 743 shots in my normal use, my second delivered about 800 shots. This includes a 4 second shot review, a fair amount of image reviewing and a lot of powered-on-but-idle time over 2+ weeks. I have a heard a fair amount of complaining about the "poor" battery life of the 5D. What may not be understood is that there can be many shots left when the battery low indicator shows. Those without a spare battery or those who can't have the battery die at an uncertain moment use this indicator to recharge/replace the battery. The low battery indicator first showed after about 400 shots, the low battery indicator began flashing at around 600 shots. The battery went on working for another 143 shots for a respectable 743 total shots. That is a lot of pictures from a small, light battery. The optional battery grip allows two batteries to be used simultaneously for approximately double the number of shots from the 5D. Power performance from the Canon EOS 5D is excellent. Power-on seems instant and all features and functions are responsive. Playback performance is very good as well. The 20D and 5D also share the same CB-5L battery charger. I appreciate the compact design of this 90 minute charger. The 5D will appeal to both advanced amateurs and professionals who need or want very high image quality, wide angle field of view and/or shallow depth of field but do not require a high continuous frame rate, durability or weather and dust sealing. Those needing higher frame rates (typically sports and sometimes wildlife photographers) should consider the Canon EOS 20D or the Canon EOS 1D Mark II N as alternatives. Those wanting the ultimate image quality should consider the Canon EOS 1DS Mark II - an incredible camera The Canon EOS 5D represents a great value in a high quality, high performance, full-frame Digital SLR. You get excellent quality, high resolution images for less money than ever before. I found very little to critique or complain about. This camera will exceed the requirements of many photographers. Its pretty good.......

Awesome camera, very impressed! Improvement across the Matk II

By SwordFishon
Very pleased with this having upgraded from a 5D Mark II. I was originally keen to upgrade to the Mark III when it came out but was put off by the initial negative reviews and the increased launch cost, only to see its reputation grow considerably in the time it was available making me regret my decision. The Mark IV again is not seen as revolutionary enough in some quarters – exactly as the Mark III was initially – but it substantially different to the Mark II and I decided it was time to ignore the nay-sayers and give it a go.And my first impression? I have been really stunned by the performance and changes since the Mark II and a weekend with it has shown me what a considerable upgrade it is – albeit quite complex in comparison.I probably shot around 70,000 frames on the Mark II covering wildlife, landscapes, weddings, astrophotography, timelapse and travel so I consider myself pretty familiar with the platform. However, the Mark IV is considerably more advanced and therefore has MANY more options. Consequently it has taken quite a bit of learning (and fun) experimenting with all the new options to see how it works. The manual is 700 pages! But I was still able to pick it up without any of this and see how much of an advance it is.Favourite changes compared to the Mark II1) Autofocus – stunningly fast through the viewfinder. Hugely better than the Mark II. Nice to be able to select zones to focus with as well as just points.2) Autofocus (live view) – I never used this before because it was so bad, but now it is stunning. I can even accurately focus an F11 combo (2x extender and F5.6 lens), something not possible through the viewfinder – even on the Mark IV which will only focus an F8 combo.3) Drive. The speed of the drive is incredible compared to the Mark II (more than twice as fast). It is also nice to now have a silent shutter option at about half the noise level.4) Wi-fi. This is really fantastic, simply because I can get images of the camera so quickly. From taking a personal photo to sharing it from my phone takes less than a minute. Previously this would take 10-15 minutes by the time I had started the computer and Lightroom and imported the photo. Makes me more likely to use it for personal use rather than just serious photography.5) Resolution. The 50% bump in resolution is really noticeable. I can zoom in considerably more and the options for cropping are obviously much better. I also don’t seem to have any issue so far with soft images which people have said happens with high resolution sensors although I have only used L series lenses.6) ISO. It is great to have auto ISO with programmable limits now compared to the 5D II but I have been really impressed at how far I can push it. 12800 was something I wouldn’t even consider going near with the Mark II but now the quality of this has really blown me away. More like an ISO 3200 image on the Mark II, maybe even better.7) Ergonomics. There are more physical buttons on the Mark IV which, although I am learning, are clearly going to be useful for switching settings even more rapidly. The rating button was on the Mark III, but for me coming from the Mark II, this is a very welcome making sorting the images in the field much easier.8) Batteries and cards. The Mark II battery still works in this (the LP-E6N has slightly more capacity but is otherwise identical) and of course the Compact Flash is still accepted. I would have liked a newer format option but for now this works well for me. Writing images from buffer seems plenty quick enough.9) Timelapse. I do a lot of this and whilst I like my programmable external controller it looks to have enough features to make it practical to use the built in intervalometer instead.10) Touchscreen. This is actually really useful, especially when focusing in live view, zooming images, or swiping through them – just as responsive as a good smartphone. I am finding I am using the camera in a different way like selecting focus for a video or picture on the back (it feels like I am chimping a LOT) but the focus is so darn good it seems a shame not to!Things I need to get used to1) Battery life. I have been playing around a lot and GPS/Wi-fi have been left on for now, but it drops much more quickly than the Mark II.2) Awkward ergonomics using touchscreen. Because your right hand grips the camera you need to loosen that to pinch zoom in/out. I have almost dropped the camera several times doing this. I guess the only option is to learn to pinch zoom with my left hand only or always use the strap!3) Complexity. The camera has an order of magnitude more options than the Mark II. It has only been one weekend and I need to spend more time getting to know the camera but some bits I will probably never understand. This is probably less of an issue if your are coming from a Mark III.4) Dual Pixel RAW. I have yet to try Dual Pixel images as reviews suggested the effect was so negligible I haven’t yet tried.Lightroom now supports the 5D Mark IV and the photos attached are just using the default settings in Lightroom (no extra sharpening etc). As you can see the full frame image is of a sunflower with a bee on it. I have included a 100% crop of this to show that the sensor has picked up even the individual hairs on the back of the bee despite it being tiny in the frame. This was handheld at 1/200s on a 24-105mm L lens set at 105mm.I have also included a night time shot of the Milky Way @12800 ISO, 20s, F4 24-105mm L. I have included a 100% crop of this too. The movement of the stars is caused by the 20 second exposure time but you can see quite a bit of noise in the church. However, considering this is 12800 ISO I am still very impressed.In summary I am really pleased I have made the change. I was concerned that the benefit wasn’t going to be enough to justify the cost to swap but I now think it is well worth it.

Best camera ever

By Kunal h.on
I have got this on my bday it was awsem camera

Super. ....

By Adarsh.kon
Nice camara ...100% mark

Awesome product

By Amithon
The best camera you could buy.

Five Stars

By Abhinav Joshion
That's a beauty.


By Flipkart Customeron
Nice product Good quality Must buy


By Vishal Paulon

Must buy!

By Bhaskar Kumaron
I am in love
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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera + EF 24-105mm IS II USM Lens Kit price in India summary

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