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Western Digital 1 TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) Price in India

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Western Digital 1 TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) price in India from 2 stores in India from ₹4,300.00 - ₹3,885.00

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Western Digital 10Ezex 1Tb Internal sata_6_0_gb Hard Drive for Desktop (Blue)

Upgrade and backup with ease Future-proof storage Imp.. Upgrade and backup with ease Future-proof storage Improve PC performance 1TB capacity 3.5-inch internal hard drive 64MB buffer size 7200 RPM Class + more

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Upto 2.8% Cash Back

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Western Digital 3.5-Inch 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 64 MB Cache 1 TB Desktop Hard Drive, Blue (WD10EZEX)

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Western Digital WD10EZEX WD Blue 1 TB SATA Desktop Internal Hard Drive

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WD WD10EZEX Blue 1 TB Internal Hard Drive

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Western Digital 1 TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) Specifications

Brand WD
Model Id WD10EZEX
Series SATA
Device Desktop
Device Type 3.5 inch HDD
Drive Capacity 1 TB
Spin Speed 7200 RPM
Interface SATA
Cache Memory 64 MB
Form Factor 3.5 inch
Item Height 25 Millimeters
Product Dimensions 14.7 x 10.2 x 2.5 cm
Number Of Usb 2.0 Ports 1
Wattage 6 Watts
Asin B0088PUEPK
Best Sellers Rank #259 in Computers & Accessories (See top 100) #1 in Computers & Accessories > Components > Internal Hard Drives > SATA
Date First Available 29 October 2013
Supc SDL796593178
Colour BLUE
Screen Size 3.5 Inches
Hardware Platform PC
Included Components Hard Drive
Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars 432 customer reviews
Batteries Required No
Binding Personal Computers
Productgroup Personal Computer
Languages english
Length 5.8 inches
Width 4.0 inches
Weight 0.9700339528 Pounds
Ean 6221243263456
Upc 718037779911

Best Internal HDD In 1 TB Range (Read This Review If You Are Having Problem Connecting This HDD To Your PC)

By Sandesh Sawanton
FLIPKART has a supersonic delivery speed, got it delivered within 2 days after placing the order. 1) Cant say the same about other cities but if you are living in Mumbai, Dont even bother going to markets like Lamington Road (L.R.) n others. When i went to check the prices of this HDD in L.R. I observed that the lowest was around Rs4250. So On FK, Its Definitely a Steal. 2) Coming to the HDD i was very concerned before puting the order for this HDD as they can easily get damaged during the transport and also i had read the reviews of people about the HDD's they recieved were defective or damaged. But i'm glad to say that the HDD which i recieved was in TOP NOTCH CONDITION. It was wrapped in nearly 2 meters of Bubble Wrap & was surrounded by Air Filled Bags. I had called the FK customer care & had told them to wrap the HDD in tons of bubble wrap, & i guess they listened :P. So even you can do the Same. 3)Now this is the main problem, when you recieve this HDD from FlipKart, THE SATA CABLE (cable connecting HDD to the motherboard) DOESNT COME ALONG WITH IT. So chances are you will have to buy it & will end up goin to the market anyway. OR you can just borrow it temporarily from a friend, never to return it (as i did :P). 4) Another important thing is that if this will be your secondary HDD and you connect it to the PC, chances are that your PC will not start (will not even show the bios). Dont worry there is nothing wrong with the 2ary HDD. That is bcoz your PC is somehow detecting your 2ary HDD as your primary one and trying to boot the OS from it. Just disconnect your 2ary HDD (now your PC will boot), Go to BIOS Settings and make your primary HDD as your "Primary Boot Device" & delete another boot device options. Now connect your 2ary HDD and start your PC and you are done. Now your PC will start, meaning your 2ary HDD is detected. 5) The Space Of the HDD will not be shown in "My Computer" as it is still unallocated space. In this case, "Right Click" on "My Computer" icon, Click On "Manage", & then go to "Disc Management". In Disk Management, "Right Click" on the unallocated space of the HDD and here you can make drives of specific sizes. In this HDD, I got a total space of 932GB so i divided into 4 drives of 233GB each. Thats it, now the drives you created can be seen in "My Computer". I wrote this much big of a review bcoz i dont want others buying this HDD to go through the hectic experience that i went through :-) :-). Cheers and enjoy your new 1 TB HDD :-).

WD blue

By Gaurav dhimanon
Drive is good and VFM no doubt but packaging was worst from flipkart this time.Already called and insisted to pack in thermocol with bubble wrap but still they just rolled a single layer of bubble wrap and packed in a box and sent me.One simple advice to flipkart hard disk and many more computer components are really sensitive parts learn to pack them.It would save you from taking back the item which comes under your 30 days replacement warranty as all these sensitive components are damaged only during shipping.Leaving 3 stars just for the pathetic packaging that too even after insisting to pack the drive properly!

Great Delivery Time, Crappy Packaging

By Steel Mouseon
Flipkart delivered the HDD on the second day after placing order. Packaging could ve been better. Now I have to replace it since HDD is faulty. A request to flipkart: Please improve your packaging for electronics like HDD as it could save the pain of returning/replacements. Customer care was good. Leaving 4 stars due to poor packaging. Update: To Flipkart: The purpose of review is to highlight ALL ASPECTS of the service. DONT send an email asking customers to edit negative part of the review.

WD Blue 1 TB - Single Platter Drive :: Amazing Space & Performance at Affordable Price

By Mrunal Kapadiaon
Western Digital now owns Hitachi GST which is a good thing for technology enthusiasts. Why ? Partly because of reliability that WD Hard drives have always been known for and partly because of research which Hitachi has put in last couple of decades in storage sector. The result is this really affordable Single Platter Drive which results in more space per platter due to increased efficiency in storage per sector and high performance. The best part about this drive is its raw performance. If you own a SATA-6 enabled motherboard, you will be able to see this drive performing at best, it almost gave me 205 MBps Write speed and 198 MBps Read speed. SATA 3 and below motherboards will see a slight drop in performance though it will be pretty decent compared to your last hard drive. The only downside of this drive due to large platter storage is the access rate which neared 18ms, not a significant thing though it can be if you use this hard drive in Servers where constant access is a must. Apart from that, this hard drive also feature a very smart and neat A0 firmware which has really good Read / Write algorithms resulting in good control over the sector the drive starts writing and reading. Daily Cut/Copy/Paste tasks, Booting OS, Gaming really improved though they donot touch SSD performance which are far more better. Even while gaming or writing large data onto disk like 20-30 GB of persistent write and read, the drive performed it very quickly which most other large capacity drive take time since the head has to continuously read/write between different sectors, thanks to the new firmware. Also, the drive temperature never exceeded 29C for me which is good. One thing most notable is the noise level that drive attains is almost like the WD Green, barely you can hear it working - To check that I installed my OS onto this drive keeping it out of my case in an ambient environment. I must recommend this drive everyone who is looking for large storage and really good performance. Pros :: Single Platter - Increases performance, Firmware intelligently manages the optimum speed and read/writes of head and platter (7200 RPM Max), Cool & Quiet. Cons :: Access speed can be a slight issue if drive is used in server environment, Package only contains drive - No SATA Cable, No drive mount screws.

A defective product. No response from flipkart.

By Debayan Ghoshon
The HDD delivered is a defective one (manufacturing) and flipkart has no return policy. Total nonsense. Even I spoke to WD customer care and they confirmed that the dealer that sold the item can replace the defective piece with a new one. Yet flipkart wont return as if Flipkart has to make the replacement from their pocket. To make it clear WD will replace HDD ONLY to the dealer, and as I purchased through Flipkart, they can easily do the replacement process. This is clearly customer harassment from flipkart. I will never buy any electronics from Flipkart and spread the message among known ones.

Worth the money

By Khan saabon
it is a good product if your hard disk not shown in my compute ! do this step 1: open start menu step 2: right click on computer or my computer step 3 : click on manage step 4: click on hard disk management now there you will see your hard disk as unallocated step 5 right click on it step 6 click on simple volume then click click and finish remember dont do this to another hard drive only allocated and


By Flipkart Customeron
The packaging was superhit is packed and safely reached to me and it has 5 year warranty the product is very good

Great product

By Flipkart Customeron
Great product, good delivery

Perfect product!

By Sumanta Dason
good product but warranty Card Not available this packed

Absolute rubbish!

By Flipkart Customeron
Not working damaged Uncoated space i cant use Hard disc is very hang and i cant instal window Am traying to install 7 ,8, and xp but hard disc is not respond

Very good product

This is good hdd

Hard Disk

By Jsocon
Gets the job done.. Nothing extraordinary.

Western hard disk internal

By Tractebel397on
It is good for me and on the given tym delivery Good product

Working grateful

By Prasanthon
Super working well awesome

Awesome product

By Sanjuon
Super productand best price and excellent working..dont worry buy with confidence...

Worth every rupee !!

By Syed Salahuddin Ahmedon
Very quiet and good performance HDD previously had bought Seagate which used to make lot of noise. This one is silent and good. Only thing to note is that only in 1 TB you get 7200 rpm in higher storage (2 TB and above) it is only 5400 rpm. The 7200 rpm performs nearly 30% faster than 5400 rpm one but it depends on your personal choice. As far as the WD hard disk is concerned have used it for the first time and have become a fan of it. I would highly recommend this as this is the most dependable HDD out there in the market.

Quality HDD

By XenolithicYardZoneon
PACKING:Packing, while not great, wasn't too bad either. Mine came wrapped in a healthy amount of bubble wrap placed inside a appropriately sized cardboard box. That said, it wasn't a snug fit. The HDD had some wiggle room inside the box. More bubble wrap or perhaps some foam/thermocol would have made it even more secure. Plus, a bit more tape on the outside wouldn't have hurt.WEIGHT:Quite a bit lighter than the drive it replaced, a Seagate 1TB 7200rpm (ST31000524AS) HDD. Probably the lightest 1TB HDD I've held.SPEED:Much faster than my old Seagate HDD. I don't recall its exact speeds but the max read speeds it could hit was only about 110 MB/s with average speeds under 100 MB/s. A quick Google search shows similar results.This thing on the other hand gets close to 200 MB/s with a max read speed of 196.5 MB/s and an average read speed of 156.5 MB/s. Its lowest speed of 96 MB/s is close to what the average speed of my previous drive was.TEMPERATURES:Runs pretty cool. When I tested the HDD before installing it in my case, it was running close to 40C. After installing it in my case right in front of a 120mm fan, it sits around 34-35C.SOUND/NOISE:No clicking, grinding or any other weird sounds. Just normal HDD sounds. I would say its ever so slightly more audible than my old HDD (understandable given its much faster) but nothing that should bother anyone. Not inaudible but fairly quiet considering its a HDD. If you want total silence, buy a SSD.WARRANTY:The HDD I received was a brand new sealed unit manufactured in March 2018. Confirmed warranty by checking the serial number on Western Digital's website. But before registering the HDD, my drive was under warranty only till April 2020 which is less than 2 years from the date of purchase. After registering the HDD with the correct purchase date, it now shows close to the full 2 year warranty period. You should register your HDD on the Western Digital website the first chance you get.Sadly, both WD and Seagate offer only a measly 2 year warranty these days. My old Seagate HDD had a 5 year warranty.SUMMARY:Definite upgrade over my previous 1TB drive in terms of performance and a great complement to my Samsung 256GB SSD.PS: Short-stroke your HDDs. Look it up on Google for more info. Basically, download HD Tune, run the benchmark and see where the speed start dropping off noticeably. For a 1TB drive, its usually around 200-250GB. Make a primary partition of 200-250GB. This is the fastest area of the disk where you'll get close to the max read/write speed consistently. Put your OS/programs/games on this partition. Create a secondary partition with the remaining space and use that for storage purposes. Very handy way to get better performance especially if you don't have an SSD.

Best of Best

By Abhay Shuklaon
Hello Friends, Hard Drive is good and working nice, You can get 931.51 GB and when you installing the Window & Partition the Hard Drive you can get 929 GB. You can register your product at WD site for warranty. MRP is 4300 Rupees and I got it for 3299 Rupees. You can go for it. Amazon is Amazing.

Stop working in just 4 months.

By Amazon Customeron
I bought this product in October and it is January. And when I boot my computer error comes SMART command failure for hard disk. On further inspection I found out that there is problem with the hard disk.I always shutdown my system and maintain my system very well. Even then this happened. Now going to ask for replacement lets see what happens.

Costly paper weight

By Kalyan Sundharon
For the first time in my customer relation with Amazon, I got a faulty product which doesn't comes under return policy. Once received, I installed the hard disk. System restart was a bit slower. Once system was up, windows disk management said CRC check failed for the new drive. When I searched a solution in internet, I came to know it could be used as a costly paper weight. Usually I go with Seagate. I should have gone with Seagate this time as well.RegardsKalyan
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Western Digital 1 TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) price in India is ₹4,300.00 on 20th Jun 2024

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