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OnePlus 3 (Soft Gold, 64 GB)

16MP primary camera (f/2.0 Aperture, 1.12 µm Pixels).. 16MP primary camera (f/2.0 Aperture, 1.12 µm Pixels) with high speed autofocus technology (PDAF), Electronic (EIS) and Optical (OIS) stabilization technologies and 8MP front facing camera,Corning's Gorilla Glass 4 13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with full HD (401 ppi) 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution; ceramic-coated fingerprint Scanner (<0.2 seconds) OxygenOS based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 operating system with 2.2GHz + 1.6GHz Kryo Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad core processor, 14nm FinFET technology, Adreno 530 GPU, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB internal memory (UFS 2.0 Flash Storage) and dual nano-SIM dual-standby (4G+4G) with NFC enabled and reversible type-C connector 3,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery (non-removable) powered by state-of-the-art Dash Charge technology (replenish over 60% of the battery within 30 minutes) 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase + more

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OnePlus 3 (Graphite, 64 GB)

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OnePlus 3 | One Plus 3 (Graphite, 64GB) with Manufacturer Warranty

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OnePlus 3 the real flagship killer!!

By Divakshon Sep 27, 2016 12:00:00 AM
I have used OnePlus One, then OnePlus 2 and now OnePlus 3. OnePlus was an experimental startup project from OPPO and now It has turned into a brand name. All three devices have the killer hardware but we all know that powerful hardware alone not enough to make a good piece of technology, software plays an important role too. iPhone is the example and this is where OnePlus failed in beginning. OnePlus started with Cyanogen OS then they had to move on Hydrogen & Oxygen OS but now they are merging both Hydrogen and Oxygen OS. What will be the result? In this review, I will share everything about OnePlus 3 including some good and bad things about OnePlus 3 based on my 3 months experience. So here we go:-------------------------------------- UPDATE (01-01-2017)--------------------------------------OnePlus 3 and 3T both gets OxygenOS 4.0 based on Android N officially via OTA.-------------------------------------- UPDATE (18-12-2016)--------------------------------------(Personal thought, can be skipped)Today OnePlus 3 was sold for 18,999 on another platform, OnePlus 3 was sold 32% less than what it costs normally, it is a huge price cut and Mr Carl Pei (CEO OnePlus) himself said me on twitter that "This is the problem. For premium brands, trust is everything. We would never betray trust by dropping prices like this." and OnePlus said it is not an official sale but the platform's representative told me that brand OnePlus itself registered for this sale. I really didn't like this poor business strategy just for mouth publicity and to be there in headlines. IMHO these kinds of strategies kill the brand value, as well as the resale value of the device and hurt their old customers. I would really like to hear your thoughts on it, you can comment below to share your thoughts. :)-------------------------------------- UPDATE (12-12-2016)--------------------------------------Today OnePlus 3T is going to launch in the Indian market, I will still recommend OnePlus 3 if you want to save 2k as there are not major upgrades are made.-------------------------------------- UPDATE (01-12-2016)--------------------------------------It seems this time OnePlus doing great in the update department. OnePlus 3 Android N based public beta ROM (update) is out but at the same time, I would also like to share that my old OnePlus 2 didn't even get VoLTE update til now which it was supposed to get a few months back. They just abandoned the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. This might happen with OnePlus 3 and 3T after the launch of OnePlus 4.-------------------------------------- UPDATE (11-11-2016)--------------------------------------OnePlus 3 does support CDLA (Thanks AJ for highlighting it in comments). After my research what I found is it is something that can be enabled from the software side, they have enabled it in their beta build too. So we can see it in future software updates.-------------------------------------- UPDATE (02-10-2016)--------------------------------------The gold variant is now available for sale, Gold variant comes with the white front and Graphite with the black front here I will share few pointed which will help you to in taking the right decision.Graphite:1. Go for it if you enjoy long videos and chatting sessions as black frame/border doesn't disturb viewing experience at the screen.2. OnePlus 3 has thin bezels, and dark color is a complement to the beauty of the bright screen.3. White or light colours often fade after rough use and ruin the looks of costly phone.Gold:1. OnePlus 3 built in a metal body and metal shines with light colours.2. If you are a person who likes to flash around gadgets, definitely go for gold, they catch many eyes.3. Black coloured phones often go unnoticed and don't really catch fancy.---------------------- Box Contents:----------------------1. OnePlus 3 with Pre-Applied Screen Protector.2. Dash Charge Adapter.3. USB Type C Cable (USB to Type C).4. Sim Card Ejector Tool.5. User Manual.6. A message from company CEO Pete Lau.7. Some OnePlus stickers.--------------------- The Good:---------------------+ Build quality, this phone has awesome build quality and beautiful metal construction, lighter than OnePlus 2 and with equally weight distribution.+ Look, It really looks CLASSY, design is great, curved 2.5D glass.+ OnePlus 3 gets charged 10% to 80% within an hour with its new Dash Charge. All heat dash charge keep in it and it has the ability to keep OnePlus 3 temperatures low even while fast charging, it is the new charging standard OnePlus created for mobile industries.+ Latest Lighting Fast Snapdragon 820 Processor.+ Fast 64GB UFS 2.0 Flash Storage with read & write speed of ~500MB/s & 250MB/s which is 87% faster than compared to old eMMC 5.0 and 6GB LPDDR4 RAM with R/W speed of ~12000MB/s these are one of the fastest memory modules for smartphones (Faster the memory, lesser the loading and launching time of the apps).+ This is the thumb rule, bigger the display more will be the productivity and Mi Beautiful 5.5 inch Optic AMOLED. display along with the 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4. (The display is not 2k or 4k and you will not even need it when the screen size is 5.5 inch, in fact, 1080p display is good for the performance.). (OnePlus 2 has a IPS display)+ One of the fastest fingerprint sensors which is embedded in a touch home button.+ Both front 8MP and the rear 16MP camera are the best in the class, no shutter lag and takes good pictures in daylight even low light performance is not too bad. The front camera has a wide-angle lens which covers more area than a normal lens. Overall great camera experience.+ Oxygen OS is lightweight and butter smooth.+ NFC Support, I mostly use it to connect my camera to mobile.+ The audio output is good, loud and clear tested with Sony XB70AP wired earphones, Bluedio T2 Bluetooth headphones and Moto Deck wireless speakers.+ Speaker located at the bottom so no matter how OnePlus 3 lays it isn't blocked. speaker volume is good but not excellent like OnePlus 2 but better than the Galaxy S7, S7 edge and iPhone 6s which cost twice of it.+ Good battery backup with the large 3000mAh battery just you need to tweak it a bit.+ Bundled charger and cable quality are awesome. No compromise is done with them.+ FREE 12 months of accidental damage protection with OnePlus Care (to be activated within 30 days).------------------- The Bad:-------------------- Type C port is still incomplete it does not support CDLA technology, many cheaper devices like Le2 and Mi5 has CDLA support. (Check review UPDATE 11-11-2016)- No FM, No IR Blaster, today almost all phones packed with this feature but unfortunately OnePlus 3 does not have it.- A huge camera bump without protective O-ring which does not let you use the device without a case.- No OS is ever bug-free but the worst part of Oxygen OS is there are bugs inherited from older versions of Oxygen on OnePlus 2 those are not even fixed yet like silent lock(phone will not ring even the volume is high, mobile is not silent)- The device is slippery, there is no sandstone back OnePlus is known for.- The very delicate device, dropping it once will break it as the glass has no frame around it to protect.- The headphone jack is now moved to bottom which is really something not in trend and it makes trouble in holding the device in one hand during earphones are plugged.- No lesser focus and dual flash. It has only single LED flash.- No wireless charging.- The charging cable is no longer reversible from the USB end.--------------------- Other Points:---------------------Battery Saving Tip:1. OnePlus 3 has an Optic AMOLED display so keeping the black color on the screen will save OnePlus 3's battery life. So make a black wallpaper and use dark mode. Additionally, you can install substratum and InversionUI to change everything in black from the play store if you have rooted your device.2. Install and use greenify, people think there is no use of greenify as there is doze mode in Android M but Doze doesn't do anything while your device is in use, whereas Greenify can happily hibernate non-essential apps and boost battery performance.Performance Tweak:Go to phone Settings > About Phone > Hit "Build number" 7 times > back to Settings > Developer Options here change animations speed to .5x from 1x or turn them completely off.Bugs & Fixes:1. Camera's capture button not working. It can be resolved by clearing camera app data.2. The phone is not ringing after using the slider. Just restart the device and it will start ringing again.3. OTG not working. To fix this is to jump into Settings > Storage & USB and hit the three dot menu button to ensure that ‘Enable OTG’ is activated.Screen Protection:OnePlus 3 has a curved 2.5D display because of that no tempered glass will completely will cover it and tempered glass those cover it completely have no glue middle of them at the screen area, in this case, you there will be a rainbow effect due to gape between the screen and the tempered glass. Most of the covers will also peel of these full tempered glass so I would recommend you to not buy them.I personally using the no tempered on this mobile, the pre-applied screen protector is good enough to take care of scratches. I will apply another good quality screen protector(not tempered glass) in one or two months.Accidental Damage Protection:You get 12 months of free accidental damage protection with OnePlus3 (to be activated within 30 days) to activate it just open play store and download an app called OnePlus Care by ServifyDash Charging:Dash charge only works with the bundled Dash Charge Adapter and the Cable, if you are not using one of them or both then Dash Charge will not work. In other words, Dash Charge works with only bundled Dash Charge Adapter and the Cable.Hydrogen & Oxygen Merge:Hydrogen is a very feature-rich customized OS and on the other hand, Oxygen OS is a stock based simple OS with some extra features. Hydrogen OS is used in China as google services are banned in China whereas Oxygen OS is for rest of the world. This merging will bring so many good & useful features in upcoming updates but by the time this will make stock Android flavour washed out. This merging will also speed up the updates process as Oxygen now uses Hydrogen OS base.Current While Charging:Some users may feel electric shock/mild vibrating sensation while charging, which is completely normal. This is known as "current leakage", and is usually caused by the device being grounded differently than your body is. It happens with many devices like laptops, mobiles, etc. It mostly happens devices with the metal frame. OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 2 both have solid metal construction so using a case will fix the issue.--------------------- VERDICT:---------------------OnePlus has done a great job with OnePlus 3, they have fixed almost every issue that they have with OnePlus 2. OnePlus 3 has a great camera, Ferrari performance, monster 6GB RAM and 64GB Storage, lighting fast FP sensor and the Dash Charge and all these you get in just 28k and when it comes to performance OnePlus 3 beats many flagship smartphones that cost double of it. If we talk about only daily operation tasks like opening dialer, messaging app, contacts etc OnePlus 3 beats iPhone 7 too. So OnePlus 3 is the real flagship killer.I am providing some pictures of the product for better understanding as "A picture can speak a thousand words".Thanks for reading my review, I hope it provided all the information for a wise and well-informed purchase decision. It always makes me feel proud that people find my reviews helpful.If you have any query or confused about buying this item then feel free to comment here or email me for a quicker response.
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My Primary Phone "FLAGSHIP KILLER" ||| Read this before you buy

By Bishwajeet Thakuron Oct 28, 2016 12:00:00 AM
I had purchased this phone 4 months ago for my daily usage after doing a lot of research like all we INDIANS do before spending hard earned 30K rupees. This review can be a bit lengthy, but please read the full review before buying this phone. I had shared my good and bad experiences with this phone....................................... IN THE BOX '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''1. The phone (OnePlus 3 with some screen protection preapplied)2. The DASH Charger (Hero in the deal)3. Standard USB to type C cable for charging and data syncing4. Standard manuals and documents with some OnePlus stickers.5. SIM tray ejector pin................................ GOOD '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''--> The build quality of the phone is very good. Its made up of full body space grade aluminium build which makes the phone solid and also light weight. The phone is very sleek at about 7mm thickness but it has a camera bump which I doesn't like.--> This phone comes out with a fullHD Amoled Display with very good viewing angles. In this feature it really matches with the high end Samsung devices. The only problem is its resolution. But with naked eye I doesn't even fell the difference.--> This phone comes with Snapdragon 820 chipset packed with 6 GB of RAM which does all the multitasking and performance freak usage very easily. But there is a catch in this which I will tell later in this review.--> The DASH charging is the best. It charges the full battery from about 5% in just 66 minutes. I have found this better than the quick charge facility available on most of the flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and Nexus phones which take about 90 to 100 minutes to fully charge the battery. And I am very pleased to tell you that the phone actually remains cool during charging (which is not true in case of quick charging provided in the other flagship phones). This feature is currently available on this phone.--> This phone comes with a physical slider button like the one we found generally in the iPhones (We didn't find this type of slider button in any other android devices). This button can be customized. I have set it to bring the phone to 'do not disturb mode' by just sliding this button.--> The phone comes with a finger-print sensor which is in the front bottom middle. This fingerprint sensor is pretty fast as compared with OnePlus 2. But as for my choice I like the fingerprint sensor to be in the back (But as I said its my choice only).--> Camera performance of this device is also very good. It has 16 MP primary which has a pretty good advanced options to capture pics and videos. As compared to Xiaomi Mi 5 the picture quality is good but we can't compare this to a Samsung Galaxy S7 camera which is supreme. The camera comes with laser autofocus which enables us to focus very quickly. The camera UI is very good with very fast shutter speed. The front camera is also good but the quality can be improved during low light situations.--> Really a FLAGSHIP KILLER with very heavy packed hardware at this price range.--> The Oxygen OS is very close to stock android with a lot of customization. In my usage, once the phone gets shutoff while I was on a conference call but except that I find nothing odd. This UI doesn't lag and keep upto 10 apps running in the background while multitasking.--> Calling on this phone is good and it is VoLTE supported. I have tried this with Airtel 3G and Jio 4G. Both works great.--> Price is the area which makes the phone a flagship killer. The hardwares and features it is giving can be seen only in phones which are double the price of this phone................................... BAD ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Not much but there are few which I found in my case. Infact there is nothing which doesn't have some cons,.--> When I bought the phone new it has very bad RAM management. It shuts the background apps very aggressively which bother a lot for a multitasker like me. But after a month an update rolled-out which solves all the problems I have earlier. Then after lot of updates come out which even improves the camera quality and battery management.--> The phone has a single inbuilt speaker which is not so good. I find it bad as I sometimes is not able to listen to the ringing of the phone if it is kept in other rooms. Music playback through the speakers is not good. If you are a kind of person who used to listen music through the phone speakers then you should consider it testing before buying.--> I found the placement of the 3.5mm jack to be weird. Its located at the bottom near the type-C port which makes me difficult to keep the phone in pocket while listening to music through headphones.--> The phone doesn't have feature like radio or IR blaster. If its standing against the flagships then these are mere basic features everyone should have.--> The phone has a camera bump without any protection which make the camera glass prone to scratches. To solve this I generally use this phone with a back cover on it.......................................................MY OPINION''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''I have been using this phone for 4 months as my primary phone and I am very happy with it. As per my opinion you should definitely go for this if you have a budget of around 30K. The only major problem I found is the phone's speaker sound quality and if you doesn't consider that then this phone will be best. And I am pretty sure that you will not get these type of specifications in any other phone.......................................................................................................................................................................................I hope you like this review and if you have any doubts or questions regarding this or any gadget, please feel free to comment below, I will definitely reply. For faster response please email me (email address is in my profile).I will update this review after using the phone for 6 months.[...] Thanks :)
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Problem with a Brand new OnePlus 3 - and very bad service from both OnePlus and Amazon.

By Srinivasa Kumar Swarnaon Oct 31, 2016 12:00:00 AM
The phone us good. But from day zero, the Bluetooth didn't work, in my car (where it was very badly needed) nor on any other instrument. I called the help line of OnePlus. They did their bit of iterations - over a 4 day period interspersed with holidays. I had removed all Apps on which the failure of the Bluetooth's failure to function was pinned. It didn't work. By the ninth day of the purchase, the problem was not solved. I called Amazon for a replacement. The process to claim on their site was not very user friendly, to say the least. Amazon wanted me to visit OnePlus service centre to obtain a certificate that the problem could not be solved. I argued that having to visit an outlet would beat the purpose of buying online - I will have to spend at least 4-6 hours in travel, to reach the service centre. By this time, the 10 day period for replacement of the product was completed. Amazon coolly informed that the replacement cannot be done6 anymore! If an important feature didn't function on a brand new phone, it deserved a replacement - no questions asked, at least from a brand like One Plus. It isn't so. For a OnePlus One fan who graduated to One Plus 3, this entire episode of how OnePlus treated me and Amazon too ( to whom I had forwarded all the correspondence with the OnePlus Tech Support), it is proof that once your are reasonably successful, you could treat the customers any which way. Way to go One Plus and Amazon. I just bought my last OnePlus phone and have also done my last transaction on Amazon.Beware of these successful brands
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If your budget is around 25-30k don't even think of any other phone !!

By Raghu Nandhanon Sep 9, 2016 12:00:00 AM
Review :This is a in depth review of pros and cons after 8 days of usage. One plus entered the market with the tagline "Flagship Killer" and it did give tough competition to flagships with OnePlus1, although OnePlus2 failed to reach the expectations, the company is back with a bang with OnePlus3!!...Inside the Box:1. Phone (of course !! :P)2. Charger3. USB type C cable4. Sim tray opening tool5. User manuals ( Please go through them, you will understand your phone better)Pros:- From the moment you take the phone out of the box you will feel that build quality is excellent. You just cant stop looking at your OnePlus3. Oneplus2 was top heavy but they got it right this time, weight distribution is managed really well and you will not feel that phone is bulky. Metal unibody construction will give you a premium feel when you hold it in your hand.- Cellular call quality is excellent, earpiece is loud and clear. I didn't face any problem with signal reception.- Fingerprint scanner is embedded in a capacitive touch home button. It is very fast, one of the best fingerprint scanner out there in the market, huge improvement over OnePlus2.- Battery life is pretty decent. My phone is always connected to wifi or cellular data, i use social media a lot. I used to get 4.5 - 5 hours of screen on time, which is more than enough for a average user. So full charge in the morning will easily last a day.- I am one of those who prefers having LED notification light and this phone has a multi color one which is really helpful to save some battery life.- Camera performance: 16MP primary camera is really good in daylight conditions, color reproduction was accurate. Pictures are better than any other phone in this price range. It skims on laser auto focus so cant take micro shots. It has Optical Image Stabilisation (Iphone6 does not have OIS :P). Front camera has wide angle lens and takes pretty good selfies for your social media, it does a very good job with video calling too. So thumbs up for the camera.- Dash Charge : Oh yeahhhhhhhhh!!!! It is the king of all chargers out there. From 10% - 100% it will roughly take 65-70 minutes. No i am not kidding, its really fast. We need these kinda chargers with every phone. 10% - 80% is much faster actually, it takes more time from 80%-100%. One more important thing i would like to mention is, this phone does not get heated up when it is charging, even though it has all metal body !! Good job OnePlus...- Oxigen OS works like a breeze, it is very close to stock android experience. There is no lag at all. There are options for several customisations which will make phone usage much better.- Amoled screen is bright and does a pretty good job indoors but under direct sunlight its just ok even under max brightness.- Gaming: I am not a big gamer, but i do play simple games. I also tried asphalt8 and NOVA3 in this phone. They worked just fine, did not experience any lag. And ya i didn't experience any overheating during gaming.- 6GB RAM!!! Whoooooo!!... Initially there were several complaints regarding RAM management but after the latest update OnePlus has solved this issue and multitasking works like a breeze!!Cons:- Speaker is not just loud enough for me, OnePlus1 had a better speaker than this. Even the sound output through headphone jack is not that good, music is flat it produces very little base (I tested with different headphones).- Single LED flash will not give good pics in low light conditions, Dual tone flash would have been better.- Dash charging works only when you use the USB type C cable provided by OnePlus, if you use any other cable it will not charge faster (I tested it with USB type C cable of Nexus 6P). So keep the cable and charger safe!!But no matter what, this is the best phone you can get at this price range !!![...] It encourages me to inspect more and more products so that you could have only the Right Products.
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Awesomeness Reloaded

By Dheerajon Jun 18, 2016 12:00:00 AM
Hi Friends,Here goes my review of the new one plus 3:Design and Out of the Box impressions:- Excellent packaging as always by Oneplus.- It came Pre-applied with the Oneplus screen protector without any air bubbles. Kudos to Oneplus.- This probably is the biggest and slimmest Oneplus devices yet.- The Design of the phone is though not quite unique many people might still find it appealing.- The USB Port, 3.5mm Aux, Mic and Speaker are placed towards the bottom of the Phone.- Power button on the right hand side, Volume buttons and Notification slider on the left hand side.- The device is very Slim and looks very pleasing with the Metal built construction. Curvy edges on all corners of the phone and the glass on the screen is curvy towards the edges too which looks similar to the glass type offered on the Samsung S7.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hardware:- Ram Management is highly efficient and the device never lags despite several apps running in the background.- Despite the device being pre loaded with a 6GB Ram I haven't seen any overheating or battery drain issues.- Snap Dragon 820 being this years best chip available in the market with many flagship devices, Oneplus 3 is an awesome value for money as it comes with a slightly better processor speed than on the Mi5 or the HTC 10 both of which have got less RAM and internal memory.- The Fingerprint Sensor is super fast and I for the first time can't live without it, despite having used this feature on other devices like the Oneplus 2 or my Lenovo K4 note or the Vibe X3. It Recognizes the fingerprint from any angle within a fraction of a second and also acts as a home button when the device is in use.- Dash charge is a life saver as I haven't seen any device charge this fast. The phone reaches the 60% charge with 30 minutes of charge and neither the device or the adapter heating much as both remain mildy warm while charging. The charge time is one of the best part about the Oneplus 3.- Camera Rear: The rear camera on the one plus 3 does a decent job and there is a manual mode to get that perfect shot. Despite this device having a single flash the amount of light it captures after clicking the picture is too good and the pictures appear as there was some natural light with all the colours of the object and the background clearly visible in vivid detail.- Front Camera: The frontal camera of the OP3 is also good however the exposure is a little higher and can be reduced manually.- Screen: The screen is perhaps another one good thing which I like about my OP3 as the device never heats even after several hours of usage. The Amoled on the OP3 though it may not be Vivid, it offers decent colour reproduction and the battey consumption is also quite efficient due to the screen as it uses very less power when compared to the Full HD LED IPS displays.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Battery: With a full charge below is my observation on various different types of usage:After the recent Oxygen update here's my observation:-Gaming on wifi:5.5 - 6.5 Hours of continuous gaming with a remaining 13 - 18% of battery left.This includes the same amount of "Screen On Time" with 1161 mAH consumed by the screen and about 460 mAH for android OS.CPU Total usage: 6H 17m 56s for World of Tanks Blitz + Screen + Android OSComputed Power Use: 2782 mAH.I Stop gaming for a while and keep the phone to charge when it reaches below 15%.-Movies and Youtube: (This still remains unchanged as the battery drains 1% every 15-20 minutes of Youtube videos on wifi or when watching movies on MX player).-Minimal usage at Work: Occasional Calls + Whats app notification readings+ Facebook notification readings + emails 36 Hours with a remaining 15% of battery left. (This might vary depending upon the SOT which one might use the phone paralleled with the respective App's power consumption.)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Features on a Oneplus Device:- Shelf feature: It enables you to view calendar/Recent Apps/temperature/reminder- Wave to read the notifications and time during dark lit conditions to save battery before unlocking the phone until and unless if its very important.- Customizable hardware buttons and an option to choose between the hardware or the On screen buttons.- Notification Slider back again, which puts the phone in desired notification profile with the flick of a button.- Curvy screen at the edges looks very premium.- Dash Charge feature with the Dash charge Adapter and cable as standard accessories.- Pre installed screen Guard.- Metal Unibody Design which looks much better than any other Oneplus Device.- Stock Android with no Bloatware.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cons:-The phone is a bit slippery and definitely needs a flip cover or a hard/soft case for the added grip.Hit 'Yes' if the information was helpful in anyway.
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