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Apple (MF840HN/A) MacBook Pro (Core i5/8 GB/256 GB SSD/13.3 Inch/OS X Yosemite) Price in India

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Apple (MF840HN/A) MacBook Pro (Core i5/8 GB/256 GB SSD/13.3 Inch/OS X Yosemite) price in India from stores in India from Rs. 89900 - Rs. 95000

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Apple (MF840HN/A) MacBook Pro (Core i5 (5th Gen)/8 GB/256 GB SSD/33.78 cm (13.3)/Mac OS X Yosemite..

Rs. 89900
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Apple Macbook Pro 2015 Core i5 5th Gen - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/OS X El Capitan) MF840HN/A MF840HN/A Ult..

Rs. 95000
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Apple (MF840HN/A) MacBook Pro (Core i5/8 GB/256 GB SSD/1.. Specifications

Sales Package MacBook, Battery, AC Adaptor, User Guide and Manuals
Laptop Bag/backpack No
Brand Apple
Type Notebook
Series Macbook Pro
Utility Everyday Use
Color Silver
Model Number MF840HN/A
Processor Name Core i5
Chipset Z77 Express
Processor Brand Intel
Clock Speed 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.1 GHz
Cache 3 MB
Expandable Memory 16 GB
Memory Slots 2 DIMM
Ram 8 GB
Ssd Capacity 256 GB
Operating System Mac OS X Yosemite
Architecture 64 bit
Screen Size 33.78 cm (13.3)
Resolution 2560 x 1600 Pixels
Screen Type LED Backlit Retina Display with IPS Technology
Graphic Processor Intel Iris Graphics 6100
Integrated Camera FaceTime HD Webcam
Pointer Device Touch Trackpad, Force Clicks, Accelerators, Pressure-sensitive Drawing, Multi-Touch Gestures
Keyboard Full-size Backlit Keyboard with Ambient Light Sensor
Internal Mic Dual Microphones
Speakers Yes
Sound Effect Stereo
Wireless Lan IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth v4.0
Battery Backup Up to 10 hrs
Power Supply 60 W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter
Standard Battery Lithium-polymer
Usb Port/s 2 x USB 3.0
Mic In Yes
Hdmi Port Yes
Multi Card Slot SDXC Card Slot
Weight 1.58 Kg
Dimension(w*d*h) 314 x 219 x 18 mm
Note Please use Snapdeal invoice to register the product on brand website for hassle free service
Included Software iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, iBooks, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Time Machine, Photo Booth, iTunes, Game Center, Preview, Notes, Mac App Store
Warranty Summary 1 Year Limited Warranty from Apple
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Other Ports 1 x Headphone Port, 2 x Thunderbolt 2 Ports, MagSafe 2 Power Port
Variant 3330S
Screen_size_filter 13.1 - 14
Ram_filter 8 GB DDR3
Ean 0885909937639

Good Battery life & Excellent Performance (HONEST REVIEW)

By Abraham JOSEPHon Sep 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM
This is my second device from Apple.In the past i have used a bunch of laptops and usually switch them after a year and so.Mostly i bought products from HP and lenovo.The last one was Lenovo Ideapad Y510,which was kind of a good device but bad battery life for a traveller like me.So, the main reason i bought the macbook pro was the good battery life and excellent performance it offered.Now lets talk in detail#Firstly, the HARDWARE AND DESIGN---------------------------------Yes,its a gorgeous looking device,with premium build quality.Its very light weight and thin for sure.So, perfect to carry around. The unibody design, carved out of a single piece of brushed aluminium gives this device a firm yet incredibly light-weight feel, with a huge track-pad which is powerful and versatile.The "force" part means pressing the track pad harder will activate different features.But as of now there are only few apps that can take that advantage.Expansion ports:-MagSafe 2 power port-Two Thunderbolt 2 ports (up to 20 Gbps)-Two USB 3 ports (up to 5 Gbps)-HDMI port-Headphone portApple hardware is more expensive than the equivalent running Windows, but you do get what you pay for.#DISPLAY----------------Thrilled !!---- absolutely----- beautiful.Clear and crisp.-----Best so far.#PERFORMANCE--------------------------GeekBench score - 7,001 (compared to 6,303 of previous generation and 6,057 of MacBook Air).But i hope, you guys know that benchmarks may not be enough to show the real world usage performance.As of my usage Everything feels very fast, including bootup time(14 sec), app startup, running apps and all.The fast SSD storage in the new Pro machine is also capable of transferring data 1GB per second.Gaming-It will handle pretty much every game you throw in,But i won't say its the best device for gaming.Storage-With only the default software loaded, disk space available is 231.15GB from 249GB.#-BATTERY LIFE--------------------------As of Apple says,this laptop offers 10hours of battery backup.Which is somewhat similar to what I'm getting.I reckon you should be able to take this on a long flight ,road trip or long train journey without any problems.And at the end of the day ,there will still be life in this device.Which was something i love about Mac devices.But it doesn't mean you will also get the same battery backup as mine because battery life is dependent on what you're using the computer for.I guess if you use this only for gaming then you would roughly get 4 hours and so.So,technically you will become a frequent Wall Hugger. :)All in all its the best backup i have ever got in comparison to every other laptop i used.Sound QUALITY is really good.Though not as good as i expected The built-in speakers output good quality sound.But increasing the volume to MAX will result in a lil muffling.So,i do recommend a premium Bluetooth speaker for better experience and bass.#-Final Cut (not the editor lol)and CONCLUSIONThis is a great laptop for those who want a great combination of good battery life and excellent performance.And those who need the advantage of iMovie and Final Cut Pro for some video editing stuff.Actually i was stuck with dell xps 13 and this one.Finally ended up buying the Apple product.Also with macbook you get superior after sales support.You would surely love this lapotop unless you get the faulty product.Have a nice day!
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YOUR SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT LAPTOP ENDS HERE! An exhaustive review of the 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

By Amit Kumar Sharmaon Oct 23, 2015 12:00:00 AM
_____________________PURCHASE RATIONALE:-----------------------------------I've been a Windows PC user since 1999 when I built my first windows desktop from scratch. Until recently, I had been something of an apple basher, but over time i got frustrated with the slow, cluttery machines that windows shipped on. The Macbook Pro happened when my trusty 5 year old HP DV6 died on me suddenly last month. It was an otherwise good machine, but was a fat 4+ kg affair, with a hard hinge that needed both hands to open, dull screen, rickety plastic construction with paint flaking all over. The battery was crap and barely lasted 2 hours even with a new battery. Every time I traveled, my laptop bag alone exceeded the weight of my allowed cabin baggage! Also, owing to the weight and the near-oven temperature that it ran up, I've never been able to use it as a laptop, instead it was more of a compact desktop that I could carry around!The two major gripes I had with all full fledged Windows laptops (not the puny Atom equipped ultrabooks) were weight and battery life. There were only two machines that ticked all my boxes: the Dell XPS13 and the Macbook Pro 2015. The Dell lost out because of the weird camera placement (bottom left) and actually being more expensive than the Mac!! In addition, I was getting it for 15% less than the official store price, which was a big relief financially. Also, after using the trackpad and experiencing force touch, I wanted to at least give the damn thing a shot - I could always move back to Windows in the next upgrade. Or even run Windows natively on the mac if I don't like OSX (that is not the case however - I think it's a superb OS)___________________________DESIGN AND BUILD QUALITY :---------------------------------------------The laptop is machined out of a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, and it feels amazing to touch. Each part fits into the other precisely with no gap anywhere so there are no creaks, squeaks or wobbles like I have seen with Dell and HP plastic laptops. You just have to open the lid with a single finger to see how well balanced the design is. The screen stays shut with the help of magnets which are strong enough to keep it closed while being transported, but light enough that when you lift it with a single finger, it opens up gracefully, without you having to hold the base down with another hand - no other laptop has such a smooth action. The same can be said of the gentle way the lid shuts close. Its very light at 1.5 kg and a joy to carry in one hand as well as work on the lap for hours together. The aluminium construction is not just for premium feel - it does another very functional job. The whole body of the laptop acts as a giant heat sink! Whatever little heat that the Haswell processors generate, is immediately dissipated along the large surface area of the Macbook pro, thereby diffusing the overall temperature to imperceptible levels. This is one of the reasons why the MacBooks run so cool._________SCREEN :---------------The screen is a gorgeous 13 inch IPS display with 2560x1600 resolution. This translates into a vivid, bright, colourful and near perfect screen with 170+ degree viewing angles without any image degradation. The blacks are deep and rich, almost amoled quality while the whites tend to be a bit warm, leaning towards red rather than blue, to give a more 'sunny' natural feel as opposed to the 'electronic' blue tinge. The laptop comes with built in ambient light sensor like a smartphone and you can turn on auto brightness feature whereby the screen brightness automatically adjust according to surrounding light. It is coated with an anti-reflective layer which works very well in cutting out glare and background reflections, though recently it has been in the news for being prone to scratches (staingate) for which apple has promised free warranty replacement for upto 3 years. Do your research on this before buying, although only a very small proportion of notebooks are suffering from this issue.__________________________KEYBOARD AND TRACKPAD :--------------------------------------------The keyboard is wonderfully designed, with well separated keys that have a fair bit of travel, although not as much as a conventional mechanical keyboard. It is a joy to type on the keyboard but I miss the numeric pad on the right that's available on most larger laptops (although I do understand that there is simply no space to put that here!). The keys are backlit for those late night work sessions when you don't want to wake your family. And just like the screen, the brightness of the keyboard backlight can be controlled with one touch with a dedicated set of brightness toggles (F5 and F6 keys). Overall, its an amazing keyboard, second to none.Now comes one of the strongest pros of this laptop. The trackpad on this thing is unparalleled! Its a large slab of glass with no moving parts. Instead, it is a capacitive surface just like your phone screen and underneath it is mounted the taptic engine. This whole configuration is called the 'Force Touch' trackpad which is unique to Apple. What this does is that it eliminates any hinges or actual physical movement from the trackpad, so you cannot actually click it; instead the trackpad provides tactile feedback by clicking back at you when it senses finger pressure. Also, it gives you varying amounts of feedback depending on the pressure you apply as it can sense multiple levels of pressure. Being a software controlled feature, the upside to this is that you get the same tactile sensation of clicking at every single point in the keyboard, unlike previous generations of trackpads where it was easier to click on the bottom and practically impossible to do so at the top left and right corners where the hinges used to be. It is much harder to describe than actually experience it. Suffice it to say that If you didn't know that this was a force touch trackpad, you'd just keep using it as a normal one without noticing the difference! However, if you do want to check it out, try clicking on the trackpad when the laptop is switched off, and you'll get no click or any other feedback as it is a software controlled feature. It's truly a marvellous feat of engineering._______________PERFORMANCE :-------------------------The 2015 Macbook Pro is the fastest performing laptop that I have ever used. It can run through all your daily computing needs without breaking a sweat. Where it shines, is when you throw a challenge at i - like video editing. It goes through every single task i've thrown at it with aplomb without ever stuttering or slowing down. In addition to having a fast and energy efficient processor, the performance is aided by the industry leading SSD tech inside, with read/write speeds much higher than offered by any other manufacturer. Transfer speeds are blazing fast, almost to the point of being unbelievable if you've been using conventional spinning hard drives so far (like I had). The memory is so fast that sleep & wake are instantaneous! I mean literally just a second. You open the lid and the laptop is already woken up from sleep ready to work at full capacity. Full boot-up from shut down takes under 15 seconds!The 8 GB Ram is of the DDR3 variety, clocked at 1867MHz, while most RAM out there is of the 1600MHz type, making it first among equals. Consequently, the MacBook pro is much better at multi-tasking, video work, image editing, etc. than any other laptop with conventional 8 GB RAM.Pixel play comes from integrated Intel Iris 6100 graphics (1.5 GB), which is a power efficient and very capable graphics card.Overall, this is a beast of a laptop which provides desktop class performance with a ultrabook class design and portability. Truly the best of both worlds.__________BATTERY :-----------------One of our biggest concerns in today's day to day life is the fear of running out of juice before the end of the day. From our phones, to our tablets to our laptops, this is an ever present fear. However, unlike phones, the scenario in laptops is much better. Before I got the Macbook Pro, all the Windows laptops I have used (be it HP, Dell or Lenovo) have run out of juice in times ranging from 2 to 5 hours. That is what I thought normal laptop battery life was, till this wonderful feat of engineering opened my eyes. Despite having a high pixel density, bright and vivid display, latest fully specced processor, the battery consumption is frugal and for once the performance is at par with a manufacturer's claim: The battery consistently lasts me 10 to 12 hours, with everyday use that includes watching HD movies, some document editing, file transfers, youtube streaming in 720p, torrent downloads, app store updates, e-mails, as well as social media. The battery is rated to last more than 1000 full recharge cycles before performance degrades (around 3 years) and a new battery from Apple costs around Rs 10,000 as of today.A note about the MagSafe charger: This is another defining feature of Apple Macbook range (except the 12 inch Macbook), and it is a reversible charging interface that attaches to the laptop magnetically. It is strong enough to stay latched on to the laptop while charging, but if you happen to trip over the wire or yank it out, it does not drag the laptop off the table and onto the floor. Instead, it safely detaches from the device keeping your precious 1 lakh rupee investment safe. After using this, you'll wonder how you were using regular plug in chargers for so long and why the same technology has not been applied to other devices including phones! Please note though, that the charging cables are prone to fraying at both ends if not taken care of, and the only option is to replace them when that happens. As of today, that will set you back around Rs 6500 for a new MagSafe charger._______PRICE :------------I agree that the Macbook is expensive, but until the SurfaceBook launch by Microsoft, it's had no real challenger at all. And in a market without a worthy competitor, monopoly ensues. Look at the iPhone for example. There are a zillion phones out there that try to take it down year after year, but get shot down at some level or the other. I think it has less to do with how good Apple is, and more to do with a single company building and controlling every aspect of design, manufacturing, software and hardware, sales, distribution as well as service.I think any other company that follows the same philosophy will churn out vastly superior products than the current generation of taped-and-glued-together devices where none of the components (tangible or otherwise) have any history together before they meet on the assembly table. However, in today's market that's easier said than done, and it is just not economically feasible for any startup (let alone existing manufacturers) to put in place the formidable sales and service network Apple has built over the last 6 years. Add to that the reputation that the fruit has built over time, and you have a self-sustaining machine of domination! Is there any other manufacturer that has a better overall service rating than Apple?Let's ask an honest question: What's the single biggest downside to an Apple product?Answer: Cost.If you eliminate the cost factor.... can you find a downside to this laptop? If it cost as much as the next hp or dell or lenovo, would you hesitate to buy it? How many hundreds of millions additional units do you think the Apple would sell then?Now I understand that most laptops nowadays are built with an low profit margin, yada, yada, yada (read: higher margin for error and compromises). When you build a device with a low margin, you have to set your quality control standards sufficiently low. Because every device that comes off the assembly line that doesn't meet the standards, gets discarded. The cost of this "bad" device is therefore a loss that has to be made up in the sales of the remaining "good" devices. As the number of bad devices increases, the margins on the good ones keeps dropping, and if there is a significant manufacturing lacuna, this leads to a point of non-sustainability. So what are the only choices left with the manufacturer?1. Scrap the design and build a new device with new materials, components, manufacturing infrastructure overhaul, etc. (not pretty - read: bankruptcy)2. Lower the quality control acceptability bar, so that more "bad" devices get through.That the second option is cleared by any board of directors in a heartbeat is a no-brainer. What follows is a product released to the market where every 1 in 5 to 10 pieces is defective. KNOWINGLY SUB-STANDARD. But costs can be kept low, so that's nice, right? Can't fault the manufacturer for trying to keep afloat and I can understand that.One the other end of the spectrum, If a manufacturer were to decide that it would stick to the highest possible quality standards, discarding even mildly sub-par devices in a heartbeat, what would remain at the end of the filtering process are devices that are impeccable and uniformly comparable. They WOULD however, carry over the financial burden of their fallen brethren who didn't survive the QC assault. This makes them expensive. Add to that the quasi-religious fan following, the superlative infused brilliant product marketing by Apple, the scarcity heuristic (The harder it is to get an object, the more desirable it becomes) surrounding its products, stability of their software, a sound app ecosystem, better designed apps (also, developers get paid more per app on OSX and iOS), and you can see the customer push through the price barrier. It all depends on how anal you are about your device. If you can 'accept' certain issues because it's an 'affordable' or 'subsidized' device, good for you. If you can't - then look towards the fruit.Now I'm not trying to justify Apple's cut-throat prices. They make the crappiest, most expensive cables that keep falling apart every couple of months, their licensing is way too expensive, number of apps available is less than windows, their policies are restrictive (to some), they are a walled garden, and so on. But it's a safe garden. The walls hold. You can sit inside and lounge in peace. It's not for everyone, but its not bad either. But this peace of mind comes at a premium. You get what you pay for.I wish just as much as the next guy that their devices cost half of what they do. But over time, I have come to understand why they never can.If you want an open ecosystem with freedom to 'customize', good for you. If there is a certain way you want your OS to function, if you're about freedom to choose your hardware, there is amazing variety and choice with Windows devices. But there is a bunch of people out there who either don't have the inclination or the time to care about all that. They just want a well-designed laptop that works without a freeze, or an app crash, or a random reboot, or is virus prone, and doesn't run on last year's software, while having the ability to natively run both Mac OSX as well as Windows. Those that value industrial design, premium materials, ease of use, long battery life and intuitive software. That bunch of people will feel right at home with this machine._________VERDICT:---------------Highly recommended.Note: I have also reviewed the 128 GB version Apple MacBook Pro MF839HN/A 13-inch Laptop (Core i5/8GB/128GB/OS X Yosemite/Intel Iris Graphics 6100) HERE: the 512 GB version Apple MacBook Pro MF841HN/A 13-inch Laptop (Core i5/8GB/512GB/OS X Yosemite/Intel Iris Graphics 6100) HERE: check them out if you want to.I hope this review helped you in making your decision to purchase a laptop. Thank you for reading.
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There is a difference between being Expensive and being Overpriced.

By Ishaanon Feb 20, 2016 12:00:00 AM
I have had this laptop for 10 days or so, and these are my thoughts -I am a long time Windows User and what I love in a Laptop are two things - Resolution (w/ Screen Quality), Performance and Build Quality. Now, make no mistake - this is not by any means the highest resolution laptop you can get. (Dell XPS 13 sports a ~4K screen). But what people forget is one thing -Windows. Scaling. Sucks.I'm not kidding. I had a 1080p laptop before this and even at 125% scaling, it looked like shit in most cases. And on a resolution of QHD and 4k, you need at least 175% or 200%. Sure, Windows 10 has helped a little, but unless you are into Universal apps or whatever they are called now, it's not a great experience. This is where OS X comes. Hands down the best scaling I've seen. And it's uniform across the entire OS.And what is more, if you really want to have Windows for a specific app that you can't have on OS X, you can always boot windows on it. Apple, itself, provides a great experience with their BootCamp software, which automatically downloads all the drivers for your Mac to run windows and the process is super easy. Took me less than 15 mins to install Windows.Now comes the screen quality. Sure the resolution is high, but that isn't everything. This thing has a IPS panel which is extraordinary. Not only are the viewing angles excellent, there is absolutely no colour shifting on tilting the panel (other than the slight drop in brightness). If you are considering Macbook Air over Pro, this will be factor to keep in mind. (Air has a TN panel which is pretty average and has high colour shifting). Yes, the screen isn't touch, but I see no point in it, yet. Even windows, which touts itself to be Touch-screen friendly, is not really. Unless you use Universal (formerly Metro) apps, which aren't much. This could change in a few years, but as of now, it's not of any use.Now, coming to performance, this laptop is not beast on paper, by any means. It sports an i5 processor, which for my personal use is plenty enough. Where it really shines is the SSD. That thing is fast. Like really, really, really, fast. It has ~ 1.2 GB/s for both write and read, And although, it won't really affect your daily performance by any considerable factor, what it will do is completely cut short the boot time. It takes me 10-15 seconds to boot completely into the system. (Into the desktop after entering password.)Although you can always boot to Windows to game, but yeah, if gaming is your thing, then this won't be much of a use, since it has an Iris graphics which is pretty underwhelming when it comes to intensive games. But you should be able to play if you ramp down the resolution and settings.To say that build quality is impressive, is an understatement. This thing is built with design as it's priority and it shows. The base of the laptop is sturdy and the hinge is made in such a way that you can lift the lid with one hand, without holding the base of the laptop. I'm quite pleased with the build quality.Also, the battery life is pretty good, with close to 8-9 hours easily with moderate use. Keep in mind though, under very heavy use - video rendering, benchmarks etc, it can go down to 4-5 hours.Finally, I would make one final point. Touchpad is amazing. It might not be leagues ahead of windows touchpads, but it feels like it. And it's all due to OS X. The use of touchpad, or trackpad as Apple calls it, is ingenious. All the gestures and everything is intuitive and it's the first time that I feel like my experience would actually be degraded with a mouse. (Yes, many windows laptops have similar touchpads now days, but Windows doesn't use it in the way OS X uses.)Final thoughts - All in all, is this thing expensive? Yes, of course. But it's not overpriced. That is a difference most people don't realize. I'm not a fan of Apple by any means. But I have to give credit where it's due. This is the first time that I've seen a laptop with absolutely no compromises or something I could complain about. I'm very satisfied with it. It's not for everyone - price sees to it, but if you are considering Macbook Air 13", Surface Pro/Book or Dell XPS 13, I would take this any day of the week.
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Amazing device | Pleasant service ~ "An astonishing experience"

By Luckyon Jul 19, 2015 12:00:00 AM
I bought: Macbook Pro Refreshed 2015 model Retina 13"256Gb SSD PCIe based M.2 chipNew Apple Push TouchpadOS X YosemiteI paid : 93,042/- on 13th July,15Delivered: On Next dayPackaging: 3 layered package (1 by Apple , 1 by the seller and 1 by the Amazon)I'm using Apple devices since a very long time and I never imagined that I would ever buy an apple device ONLINE. Well, things have been changed and it has been made possible by Amazon. I'm totally satisfied with the seller. The delivery & packaging was amazing, got it on the very next day.Folks, if you are using Macbook Air and want to upgrade then this is the best piece you could ever find, just go with this new refreshed model. You'd definitely feel the massive difference and love the new Retina display.If you are a first time Macbook User, then it would be a perfect metallic gift that you would buy for yourself.The SSD is super super fast , touchpad is so amazing it really amused my gesture experience , retina display makes everything looks almost real. Never worry about the disk space, c'mmon this is your Macbook. Use it for better purpose or all purpose. Don't fill it with movies and junk files those which isn't important for you to open it everyday. 256 Gb is much enough for me , btw my 1TB external WD HDD is almost full but still there is a big difference. You will choose quality over quantity.One thing which would really matter and that is its Authenticity. Well, friends this is the reason you may like to visit an Apple store by thinking about the originality, same what I did till now but let me tell you that Amazon is really selling the Original Device. At least, on Amazon you will get the original Device. I got the original piece and I wish that you all get the same.If you have any doubt about your device Authenticity, try going through this link and enter your product ID which you can find underneath the laptop or in your OSX About screen (of course they should match). Don't worry, this link will re-direct you to the Apple's Self Support weblink. After you entered your details, you will see your device listed on their server, you may also check the warranty and get some more info by signing yourself in.Few important things to note, this is really a notebook over laptop, yes it gets heated up after prolong use. Chrome browser takes enormous amount of battery power. If you use safari over chrome then probably you'll get around 2-3 hours more battery. Also, you may switch off the bluetooth when not in use. Try to keep it on the Table rather than keeping it over bed or cozy surface, you should see a good performance.Regarding Battery, don't let it drain fully, try to put it on charge after it reaches 20-30% but do let it come to 0-5% once in a month but not everytime. Also, don't let it over the charger all the time, just remove once 100% is done or you can even skip at 90%.Apart from reviews I would recommend few of the productive Mac apps which are: Wunderlist/to-doist, Hyperdock, ControlAir, Fantastical, Flashlight plugins or Alfred2 , iStat and Sunrise. [ These are totally my own choice, you may ignore it happily ]Friends, if you can buy this expensive device then really do not reluctant to pay for the apps. Trust me, paid apps are really better on Mac but still don't buy very high priced app, you will definitely find a free or low cost app which works nearly the same. Torrenting was the solution on Windows but it might corrupt your experience on your lovely Macbook. :)Enjoy and do share your experience via comment.Happy shopping!!~LucKie
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By Akash Chatterjeeon Jan 8, 2016 12:00:00 AM
We all know about how amazing the specs, design and working of a mac are in itself. I would like reiterate that it has been a pleasure working on it for as long as I've had it now.However, I'd simply like to base my review from the point of view of a person using his first macbook with the aim of helping out those shifting from Windows OS usage to the MacOS (OS X). Please note that there might be more issues faced of the same sort, but this is what I personally encountered.1. UI/UX:The UI is simple to use and although it uses a different file system, navigating will not be an issue. When you first open the Mac, there is good chance that the 'Home' folder / root folder will not be shown in the panel(sidebar) on the left when you open 'Finder'. In that case, press CMD+SHIFT+H to enter your Home folder in Finder, then press CMD+ArrowUp to get into the Users folder, from there drag the folder of your choice to the Sidebar.2. Downloading Applications:Apart from using the App Store, if you plan to download any application from internet, a disk image shall be created/downloaded onto the desktop/downloads folder. It would look very different from a Windows download. Upon clicking it and after the installer has done it's work, a window will open up showing the application icon, the Applications folder and a few other docs. Simply drag the Icon to the Applications folder and your job is done. (You can find the icon now in the applications folder and it would appear in the Launchpad). Eject the disk image from the desktop.3. External Hard Disk compatibility:This is a tricky one. If you have an external hard drive that you have used with/formatted with a windows PC, then it would be in NTFS format. This can be read by not written to on a Mac. If you plan to use the hard disk only on a Mac, then simply format it to MacOS Extended Journaled and your job is done (After backing up existing information of course). If you want the hard disk to work on both windows and Mac, then formatting to Fat32 might work but any individual file size cannot exceed 4GB in that case.The final option is to use external drivers. I use Paragon NTFS. This is free for a Seagate hard disk and it helps NTFS formatted hard disks be read and written to on a Mac. Thus my hard disk works on both windows and Mac. It is paid for other company hard disks, but a few free drivers are available which I haven't tried.There might be other issues that you can search and solve on the net but I decided to highlight a few hurdles and the workarounds that one might face when initially setting up a Mac. I'll update if any other issues come to mind.I hope it helped. Buy the product. It is a delight to use and extremely powerful from a programmers point of view.Cheers!
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