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Apple MacBook MJY32HN/A Notebook Price in India

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Apple MacBook MJY32HN/A Notebook price in India from stores in India from Rs. 87735 - Rs. 99000

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Apple MacBook MJY32HN/A Notebook (Intel Dual Core M-5Y10c/8 GB/256 GB/30.48 cm (12)/Mac OS X Yosem..

Rs. 87735
Out of stock.
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Apple MacBook MJY32HN A Notebook (Intel Core M- 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD-30.48 cm (12)-Mac OS X Yosemite..

Rs. 87853
Out of stock.
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Apple MacBook MJY32HN/A 12-inch Retina Display Laptop (Intel Core M/8GB/256GB/OS X Yosemite/Intel ..

1.1 GHz with Turbo Boost upto 2.4 GHz Dual Core Intel.. 1.1 GHz with Turbo Boost upto 2.4 GHz Dual Core Intel Core M Processor 8GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory 256GB PCIe-based onboard flash storage 12-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology (2304*1440) X Yosemite Operating System Intel HD Graphics 5300 + more

Rs. 99000
Out of stock.
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Apple MacBook MJY32HN/A Notebook Specifications

In Sales Package/accessories Laptop Battery AC Adaptor User Guide and Manuals
Wireless Lan 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes v4.0
Processor Core M
Mic In Yes
Clock Speed 1.1 GHz
Network Rj45 Lan Yes
Ram Frequency 1600 Mhz
Power Supply 29 W
Processor Brand Intel
Form Factor MacBook
Data Rate DDR3
Storage Hardware Interface SATA
Operating System Mac OS X Yosemite
Processor Varaiant M-5Y10
Processor Cache 4 MB
Usb Port Type USB 3.1
Fingerprint Sensor No
Hdmi Port Yes
Model Id MacBook
Usage Entertainment
Display Resolution 2304 x 1440 Pixels
Screen Size 30.48 cm (12 inch)
Screen Size 30.48 cm (12)
Keyboard Standard Keyboard
Hdd Capacity 256 GB
Color Grey
Notebook Type Notebook
Graphics Processor Name Intel Integrated
Touch Screen No
Battery Back Up 9 Hours
Multi Card Slot Yes
Speakers Yes
Lock Port Kensington Lock Slot
Brand Apple
Series MacBook
Return Policy 7 Days Replacement Policy - Product replacement is accepted by seller within 7 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered Cancellation allowed.
Laptop Dead Weight 0.9 Kg
Storage Type SSD
Screen Type QHD
Other Port USB-C port Native DisplayPort 1.2
Pointer Device Touch Trackpad
Service Type Onsite
Gaming Laptops No
Rom/ram 256 GB/8 GB DDR3
Web Camera 720p FaceTime HD
Ram 8 GB
Architecture 64-bit
Dimension(w*d*h) 280.5 x 196.5 x 3.5-13.1 mm
Warranty Period 1 Year Apple Onsite Warranty
Part Number MJY32HN/A
Suitable For Processing & Multitasking,Travel & Business
Memory Slots 1 Slot
Sound Properties Stereo Speakers
Dimensions 280.5 X 196.5 X 13.1 mm
3.5 Mm Headphone Jack Support for Apple iPhone headset with remote and microphone
Wi-fi 802.11ac
Backup Up to 9 hours wireless web
Screen_size_filter 11.1 - 12
Hdd_capacity_filter 160 - 319 GB
Operating_system_filter Mac OS
Colour Space Grey
Hard Disk Technology Solid State Drive
Speaker Description Built-In Stereo Speakers
Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 customer reviews
Best Sellers Rank #33,416 in Computers & Accessories (See top 100) #1584 in Computers & Accessories > Laptops
Date First Available 14 May 2015

Good job amazon

By Davidon
Noting can go wrong when you buy a macbook. Good job amazon.


By Kanwar Anandon
I usually review a unit 3 days into it but this time I decided to wait. I took 7 days. A little bit about myself. I am one of those people everyone calls an Apple fanboy. I try to be very strict and unforgiving when it comes to Apple, however. The reason for this is because you often spend 1lakh rupees for a computer, about 50,000 for an iPad Air 2 and if you have been unlucky to buy an Apple watch or the iPad Bro (not Pro because its so big) , you know what I am talking about. Gone are the days where the consumer believed in Apple being a fool-proof purchase. Look at the little irritating upgrades every year (5s, Mini 2/3, iPad Pro) and you'll know Apple is no longer a company you can just trust with your eyes closed. Yes, I have a love/hate with Apple. So much so, that I now own a Note 5 also alongside my iPhone 6. Best/worst of both worlds, I dare concede. Also why you may wanna care for my review is because I own a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina and now the new Macbook 12.**SHORT REVIEW**Moving on, now that I've said my piece, I will talk about the new Macbook 12. Of course the design is fabulous, the screen is mecca, the sound is excellent, so excellent you'll think a macbook has never sounded better and for most of it, buddy you're right. The battery is 10 hours and that's gold I think. The keyboard is lovely, I don't know why they are complaining. The USB C port can easily be expanded with a Rs 900 hub. Don't follow? I purchased a 900 accessory from Amazon India and now I can simply connect 4USB Drives and they all work at optimum speed. I am struggling to find things I dislike because Apple has really gone all guns blazing with this machine. You put this on your lap, its good. You put this on a table, it is par excellence. You put this on your stomach while lying down and it won't even heat. Deciding between this and the Macbook Pro Retina? Read on...**LONG REVIEW**If you are in the market for a value for money Macbook, you should only consider the Macbook Air 13 because that is where all the value for money lies. It is worth paying the price because it has the best battery, arguably the best keyboard, the best brightness (for brightness junkies) but it lacks Retina. Otherwise its excellent and perfect value.If you are in the market to decide between the Macbook 12 and the Macbook Pro Retina, things are interesting... Let me compare why one is better than the other...WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE MBP RETINA OVER MACBOOK?1) Rugged Use. Bigger screen.2) Extra USB ports always available at your disposal3) I use the HDMI port on the Retina Macbook Pro all the time4) Feels like more of a bang for your buck just by looking at it. You can get one for 85k and even 79k on the days amazon is feeling generous.5) 60% of people are likely to like the Apple Macbook Pro Retina's keyboard more6) That's a powerhouse i5 5th gen and this is an Intel Atom 1.1 GHZ (sounds like a celeron equal) but then I'm only a media user.7) Both MacBooks have cameras and both are terrible. The one on the MBP is marginally better.8) The APPLE logo only lights up on the MBP (some may care so Im mentioning)9) No need to invest into USB C. You can charge and use your hard drive simultaneously. But in Macbook you have to wait buddy.10) If you're interested in investing in Windows, then MBP is a better option for performance slump won't be noticeable.11) Sometimes this lasts me 1 to 2 hours extra as opposed to the new macbook.Why you should buy a Macbook instead of the MBP Retina or MBA?1) The sound is overwhelmingly good. I mean the bass is consistent and it destroys the tinny sound of the other MacBooks. I love this feature. Mind you it is not as loud as the MBP or Air.2) Though this is more expensive because at this this time of writing this review it costs 91k and the MBP R costs 86k, the difference is that this has a 256GB SSD. I highly recommend a 256GB SSD because both my Macbook Pro Retina and the Macbook have this. My macbook Air with 128GB SSD got full long back.3) The keyboard is one to love. It is from the future.4) The form factor is one to love. It is from the future also.5) I am more likely to use my Macbook than the MBP Retina simply because it is easier to access, it is more portable and it is so perfect all the time, with no system lag, this is just brilliant i think.6) Both displays are brilliant. Apple destroys everyone else with its perfect Retina display. The Macbook Air can't even touch this.7) Minimum of 8 hours on a single charge.8) You can't get the Macbook Pro in any colour other than the big brother silver. The MacBooks are in gold, silver and space grey. I don't know about you but I wouldn't buy a Gold macbook but that's just me. Its too bling and out there. AND this year when they update the Macbook, the old gold will look gawdy, mark my words.Overall,If I was in your shoes and looking for a MBP or a Macbook, I'd have a tough time. I hope the points I enlisted help. Unless you're doing video editing, or highly processor intensive apps all the time, don't buy the MACBOOK PRO. If you're in for the sleek, sexy and fantastic, go with the Macbook.RESALE VALUE -All three units have excellent Resale values...If you use it for 2 years, at the end of 2 years, you can still resell for about 65% of the money you paid. So keep those boxes, keep those bills handy. Do not throw away anything. Whether you buy from INDIA or Australia or UK or USA or Nairobi, the warranty is active everywhere in the world.Battery life? All MacBooks last about 8 hours at least. So you should be very happy in buying them. Please don't keep your laptop plugged in all the time. Let it discharge after 100%.Apple Care? I suggest you invest in 3 years if you intend on keeping the macbook for that long. Unless you're a constant upgrader like me, you should invest 14000 extra and get that 3 year warranty.Have I used it? My Macbook Pro Retina's screen stopped coming on. I tried everything and finally took it to the service centre and they fixed it for free in one day. But this is all under warranty.How long will it take for them to replace battery? 1000 cycles or if its capacity goes below 80%. The warranty is covered in Apple Care. Its worth changing your battery after 18 months, buddy.Gifting your friend? Child? Mother? Buy the Macbook Air or this one.Request :Please like my review if it is helpful.Please dislike my review if it was unhelpful. I promise to improve on the next one.PS - Don't put any covers on it. If you're a covers guy/girl, don't buy the Macbook 12. Buy an HP.

Five Stars

By Vipul saharanon

Five Stars

By Amazon Customeron
Excellent !!!

Five Stars

By Cristianon

Worth every penny

By Rajibul Mallickon
It is good


By Ishvin Naidingsa on
Nice laptop....being a graphic designer, video editing enthusiasts I'm still dreaming to buy it.. Poor me

faulty keyboard.

By Rajeshon
Though i love this machine as much, when it starts to malfunction, i get frustrated. Because i have to deal with the Apple service in India. No matter whether its Merc or Apple, service in India sucks. This ?200K machine has come with a faulty keyboard. Some of the keys won't work, or the key registers twice like 'bb'. For me the letters b and n are causing the issue. The issue isn't widespread, but many users reported having the same issue. I didn't use the keyboard so much in the beginning. But I did check each key and all the USBC ports to see if they are all working fine on unboxing. so how did i miss it? cause it is intermittent. And that makes the issue even worse. Else i would have replaced it or asked for a refund. Since i have used it for 3 months. I checked with the Apple care to see how they are going to solve this issue. Apparently they may have to replace the entire keyboard. I hate repairs on my new machine. In US, Apple replaces the machines completely for the customers with faulty keys. That isn't the case here. bad! However, hardware defects out of the box from Apple for an expensive machine like this is not acceptable. if it does, Its just a headache, at least in India.

Faulty Touch Bar Stopped Working Just After 2 Days

By Guru Prasadon
Just after 2 days of usage, the touch bar of this brand new Macbook stopped working. Not sure whether the problem is with Apple or Amazon, but delivery of this kind of faulty laptops is just not acceptable after paying huge money of almost 2 lakhs.

Not worth it. Too many issues.

By Amazon Customeron
I am reviewing this laptop after 8 months of use. I would say. 'please don't buy this Mac and wait for the 2018 model.Here are my top issue list.1. Heating issues Within 5-10 mts of using intellij/during os upgrade.2. high pitched keyboard noise (only some keys) only when the Mac heats up.3. High pitched Popping sound near the hinges/back side of the screen occurs randomly. Only when Mac heats up.4. Struck Enter KEY and was not responsive. This is a major issue. Even small speck of dust can cause this and it is difficult to solve it.5. Hinge sounds while opening the lid.I got my keyboard issues sorted out. Apple genius replaced my top case twice.Still the overheating issues are not resolved.just don't buy this if u are a heavy user.

Explosive sound! check the video

By Ajeeton
 Not a huge Mac fan but decided to give this MacBook Pro a try. I am using the MacBook Pro 15". I must say this machine screams quality. Some don't like the keyboard but i love it. The machine is just very solid, you can tell it's almost a 1,70,000 Rs laptop for sure.The touch bar is useful and pretty easy to get used to, the speakers are great and it's very fast, i'm not too sure about the whole "turbo boost" thing as i'm a PC guy and used to overclocking, apparently "turbo boost" just kicks in when needed but i'm not sure.The screen looks gorgeous but so does my XPS 15 9560 (which i also use daily).Some negatives that i suppose i can live with but are annoying...- Can't upgrade memory (Come on Apple, max of 16GB of DDR3!? You say its for power saving but plenty of Windows laptop have DDR4 with 32GB and handle power fine. For 1.7L i expect more than 16GB of RAM or at least the option to upgrade.- 256GB SSD? Again, come on Apple!- No way to adjust the touchbar brightness, very annoying, maybe a fix in Sierra update in future?For the most part im enjoying it alot. I would recommend it.Finally, how did I finance it? Yes, I sold my kidney and I think its worth it :P

Best in class if you get it under Rs17000/-

By Colonel Singhon
I have not bought it from Amazon, but the product is good considering i got it for Rs 165000/- under back to school scheme (student). I must say this is the best at this cost you can get. However, the ports constraint is always there as it has only USB Type C connectors. I am not much of a gamer but ATI 630 HD would suffice having 2 GB DDR5 VRAM dedicated. Intel HD 530 with about 1.5 VRAM for auto switching. Display is one of the best in the class. New Keyboard with butterfly mechanism; i am not very sure i like the feel. Sound quality id awesome touch pad is like a blessing for shortcuts though i am getting used to it slowly. The trackpad is butter smooth and the best in the class. 256 GB SSD is a drawback but considering the price of 512 GB SSD in MLH72HN/A model; The variation is like Rs 30,000/-. Since i am having 2 SSDs of 256 GB each.... well i thought of saving some grand on this aspect. Over all a good deal and buy if you are an Apple FANBOY. *****This model has been discontinued. It has Sky Lake Intel processor and not the latest Kaby Lake.(which of course is 10-15% faster. Does it matter in real life i dont know because you have to see the Apple previous WWDCs; to understand as every time they say its the FASTEST MACBOOK EVER MADE BY APPLE . ;) (y) cheers. Hope this helps.

Excellent Laptop

By Prioneon
Best Apple laptop I have ever used.

Worth every penny

By Rajibul Mallickon
It is good


By Ishvin Naidingsa on
Nice laptop....being a graphic designer, video editing enthusiasts I'm still dreaming to buy it.. Poor me
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