Last updated on: 27th May 2020

Jabra Rox In the ear Bluetooth Headset Price in India

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Jabra Rox In the ear Bluetooth Headset price in India from stores in India from Rs. 5199 - Rs. 6979

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Jabra ROX Wireless Bluetooth Headset  (Black, Wireless in the ear)

Rs. 5199
Out of stock.
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Jabra Sport Rox Bluetooth Headset  (White, Wireless in the ear)

Rs. 5499
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Jabra Wireless With Mic Headphones/Earphones

Rs. 6320
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Jabra On Ear Without Mic Headphones/Earphones

Rs. 6979
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Jabra Rox In the ear Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Brand Jabra
Model Id ROX
Return Policy 7 Days Replacement Policy - Replacement is accepted by the seller within 7 days of delivery, only if there is physical damage. In case of defective product, kindly provide job-sheet/DOA certificate by an authorized service center for product replacement. In case of wrong, missing or undelivered product, please highlight the issue within the 2 days of delivery. Cancellation allowed.
In Sales Package 1 x Headphone
Weight 400 gm
Color Grey
Connectivity Wireless
Warranty Summary 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Type_filter In Ear
Headphone Type Wireless in the ear
Foldable/collapsible No
Deep Bass Yes
Designed For All Smartphone
Other Features Protects from Dust and Water with Solid Steel, Power Saving Magnets, Small and Lightweight, App Included: Jabra Sound, Auto Pairing, NFC Near Field Communications - Perimeter Pairing, Music, USB Charging, Ear Cushion Type: L, M and S Sized Ear Gels, Play Time: 6 hrs, Talk Time: 330 mins, Display Talk Time: 5 hrs 30 mins, Standby Time: 432 hrs
Bluetooth Profiles AVRCP
Width 20.06 mm
Height 16.51 mm
Depth 16.002 mm
Binding Electronics
Length 7.0866 Inches
Ean 5707055035876
Design In-the-ear
Supc SDL004868365


By Shibaji Sarkaron
Got my Rox package about 2 hours back. It did not have any charge, thus charging it. Will now experiment with the ear buds, cause it's falling off. DID NOT GET DOLBY APP UNLOCK CODE. WHY?? It was advertised to be given free. Will wait for solution, else return it...Got the code by mail from vendor. Overall performance of the product is good. Though there are some bugs with the Dolby App. When YouTube is played, it freezes a number of times. Besides streaming music should be incorporated in the App, which is not possible now...

Do not buy

By Vipul kapooron
No costumer supportif you have any problem in this product after the 10 day replacement guarantee period im sorry but you wasted these 5ki bought these 2 months back the left earpiece doesn't work anymoreNo physical damagei contacted the jabra, the seller and there's no way to contact them the nos are fake email remain unreplied.the product is good and seems durable but stops working after a whileps this is the second time this has happened, the first time amazon replaced becuz it stopped working within the 10 day replacement period lucky me but not reallyconclusion: donot buy this product

Recommend to all the clean sound lovers!!!

By Firoz S.on
I have been waiting for this one. After doing so much research and reading reviews i ended up with ‘Jabra Rox’.I really don’t know why people are posting so bad reviews about this product.I am a DJ/Producer and as I observed it has Really good low end sound (Bass), crisp high end sound (High), perfect mid range (Mid) over all really good sound, ear wings has some fitting issues but its all about shape of your ears not about the wings, bluetooth renge is about 10m, battry charges from nil to the full in less then 2/half hr as company claim which is really good, raggid build quality.Only one problem is there if you are an iPhone user and if you have updated your phone to iOS 11 them you need to wait for the app which Jabra offers ‘Jabra Sound’ because the current app is noy compatible with iOS 11. I hope Jabra will release updated version but you can use Jabra Rox without the app as well and it works really very fine.Worth it!!!I am going to test this product and if possible going to post another review.Thank you.

A product well worth its price tag!

By Vikason
This may come across as one of those regular Bluetooth earphones among hundreds of others but it is the price-to-performance ratio that really impressed me. Having used them for about a week, I consider myself qualified enough to post a review here. This review is based on a regular usage of about 2-hours daily during morning work-outs.I chose these earphones after carefully weighing other options including Jaybird X2/X3, Bose SoundSport and Jabra Sport Pulse earphones. I considered Price, Performance and Comfort provided by these earphones as described by other users.Below are what I think are the pros:a. They are really well-built and can withstand rough use and really take a beating. Also, I give a big thumbs-up for the design. They do not stick out of your ears as much as some of the other Bluetooth earphones.b. I was blown away by the sound quality, did not expect this quality for the price tag. I would go so far as to say that it is on par with the other higher priced best in class earphones mentioned above, if not better. The bass is not too much but it is just right to get you into action and your heart pumping. The vocals and treble are good for the price tag and for a Bluetooth earphone. A special mention about the volume levels. I found myself in 50-70% of the maximum volume, which is mostly insufficient in case of other Bluetooth earphones. These are definitely much louder. It should be sufficient enough for the average individual. Keep in mind that if you get a snug fit, they do block out outside noise to a good extent. So, I would not recommend them for use where you need to be aware of your surroundings.c. They sit comfortably in your ear once you get the right snug fit. To me I found the largest earbuds to fit properly. The earwings do their job well and help the earbuds stay on even during heavy exercises/movements. If you wear them around the back of your neck, the cord does not get in your way and also does not make any sounds inside your ear.d. They maintain a steady connection all throughout. I did not find a single instance where the connection was lost when I was moving around in the gym within a radius of 5-7 meters.Now for the cons:a. In my case, these are not suitable for prolonged use. I felt discomfort/pain when wearing them beyond 1.5 - 2 hrs. Upto 1 hour of use is quite comfortable after which I started feeling the poking of earwings. This of course would vary from person to person since everyone has different ears. For me, the earbuds would not stay in place without earwings during exercise. So, I had to put on earwings. I wish I could do without them.b. Battery life is not so great. Right now we are seeing options where 7-8 hours of battery life is standard. I get about 6 hours of battery life when using them with 50-70% volume all throughout. It is not a concern for me since I use them only for couple of hours a day and can charge them anytime during the day. I am just putting this out there for folks who are looking to use these for longer periods.c. Charging time is about 2.5 - 3 hours, which is a bit much for earphones that last ~6 hoursGiven the cons, I felt it deserves a 4-star rating. I am hoping a newer version of these earphones come out with improved battery life and fitting (for my ears). That would really hit the sweet spot with all 5 stars. And I would definitely buy them again.Who should buy these?People who are looking for a sturdy set of Bluetooth earphones that can withstand rough use/workouts and don't need them for more than couple of hours a day. Also, folks who want wireless earphones but don't want them to be big and conspicuous should buy these. If you look at other options like Bose Sound Sport, Sony, etc., those earphones are quite large and might get heavy for ears.I cannot compare these to Bose or Jaybird Bluetooth earphones because I do not own them and have not listened to their sound quality. But I can vouch for the Jabra Rox any time because they more than meet my daily needs and have amazing sound quality for the price. Kudos to Amazon for the amazing service as usual. I am a happy customer!

Great quality, but the included tips/wings need improvement. A little pricey but worth it!

By Cobalt Laurenceon
Got these because my wired Sennheisers that I used with my iPhone wouldn't work completely (remote, mic) with my new Android phone.Pros:Sound qualiryMagnetic feature to keep together/switch offBattery lifeQuick charingFunctional remoteCons:Terrible included ear tips and wings, but easily fixable by using different tips.Microphone could improveNo voice assistant activation out of the box (eg Google Now)A bit priceyUntested:Jabra sound appFull review:SOUND QUALITYThe sound quality is great, with strong bass as well for electronic and dance music. This is a very subjective review, you can check on the web for proper sound tests. I'll cover the other aspects. I use Viper4Android (root required) as a system level equaliser, which can greatly improve sound quality to your taste. I recommend getting it if you're rooted. Of course if you're using an Apple product or a device that has an equaliser you can use it to improve the quality by adjusting it to your taste. The earphones have great quality but the audio signature may not be tuned to your liking out of the box.BATTERY LIFEI haven't been using these all that long, but it seems to be on par with to Jabra's claims.FIT & COMFORTThe included Ear Gels and Ear Wings were terrible for me. None of the three sizes fit properly, which led me to try the Ear Wings. These work, sort of, but require constant fiddling to get right. Once set absolutely properly, they won't dislodge even if you run around, which is good, but the pressure on my earlobes caused my ear to become completely numb after some time. Without the Wings the earphones would always fall out of my ears.I finally decided to try on different tips that I've accumulated over the years. All of my Sennheiser tips worked much better, and now I can use the product without the Wings. If you have trouble with fit, just try tips from some other earphones.PAIRINGNo issues, NFC works as expected 90% of the time. Some issues rarely, but normal connection always work.REMOTEThe volume is independent of your device's volume. If you want to use the remote to control the volume you should keep the device volume at full and reduce the volume using the buttons on the remote. Play pause skip work as expected, and so does the redial feature. Sadly, it doesn't have any method to activate Google Now. I don't think there's a Siri trigger either, there's only double tap the middle button to redial. You can customise it with an app called Smart Bluetooth on Android though, and assign it to Google Now.MICROPHONECalls were fine with the headset. People occasionally said I sounded a bit muffled, but it was perfectly usable. These probably aren't fit as a dedicated calling headset though, consider the mono headsets specifically meant for calling.OTHER FEATURESThe magnetic clasp feature is quite useful. You can easily take the earphones out and keep them around neck. Music automatically pauses. It even has a feature to pick up a call when you separate them.CHARGINGCharging is quick and the light indicates the current state so you know when to unplug it. You cannot use them while charging. (though it would be quite awkward to run a USB cable to your ears anyway).PRICEThey are quite pricey, but you have to keep in mind that the battery, NFC and Bluetooth plus the size make costs go up. Decent wired earphones cost INR 3-4k, so INR 5.5k is pretty good. The cheaper bluetooth headphones skimp on sound quality. If you can't spend much, the very least you should get is the Backbeat Go 2, it has good reviews. If that is out of your budget, I recommend wired earphones instead, from Sennheiser or any other good brand. (and avoid SkullCandy if you're interested in audio quality)APPI didn't bother with the Jabra sound app that gives you supposedly Dolby sound. I read reviews that it only supports music in Google Play and an in app YouTube client. I use Rdio and other apps, so it would be useless for me (hence Viper4Android).Hope this helps you decide!


By Vaibhav Sharmaon
Sound is no doubt good, but it is bad design edand heavy as per my experience. It can last for many years, but what is the use of its long lasting existence if you cannot use it due it's heaviness. It cannot last into your ears if you are running and long time usage will start pain in your ears. Its microphone does noise cancellation but when you put ear phone in your ear, microphone built in into earphone gets so distant that our voice do not reach to microphone and we need to shout to deliver our voice or remove one earphone and place it near our mouth. My suggestion is don't buy this product, you will find it as waste of money.


By Piyush Rajesh Guptaon
Had been using it for quite a while, initially was apprehensive but took the risk. Pros - nice a sleak - light weight - almost water resistant - hooks are nice - good voice - can use while driving and other person wont know you were using headphone - noise cancellation - perfect fit - love the magnet feature Cons - charging is hassle, have to remove ear hook partially - cover is useless

Review after 6 months of rigorous use

By Mandeep Singhon
I purchased this model of bluetooth headset after a lot of research and comparing it to many other in the competition, but that was 6 months ago, now it might have some better competition. My budget was 5,000 INR, and I selected it over everything else and let me tell you that was a really good decision. Pros- 1. Long lasting Battery( 10 hrs music without charging and battery life is still good after 6 months) 2. High durability( I used it very roughly and it still is as good as new) 3. Awesome sound quality( even bass is all-right after prolonged use) 4. Bluetooth 4.0 has a astonishingly wide range( Around 20-30 metre) 5. Best for exercise( I used it for running and it never came off ) 6. Mic reception is also good. 7. Easy to charge( Usb charging and it only takes an hour) 8. No Lag( I noticed that some bluetooth devices have a tendency to lag while watching a movie, which has never happened to me) Cons- 1. A bit heavy( though they have a firm grip and will never fall it gets uncomfortable after 3-4 hrs of straight use) 2. It feels weird(look-wise) with that much big earphones in your ears first but you get used to it.

Utterly Disappointed

By C. Van Lalhmangaihaon
Received the jabra rox today and sad to say that i did not get the activation code for the jabra sound app and moreover, the place in box where dolby sound is written is corrected (over pasted) by a black sticky blank tape on 4 different places(2 on the front of the box and 2 on the side). I think the seller send me a duplicate or fake product. I surely am going to return it.

Must buy!

By Himanshu Varmaon
The best.
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